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What Do You Know About MTP/MPO Fiber Cabling Solutions?

What Do You Know About MTP/MPO Fiber Cabling Solutions?

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The development of optical fiber is from single mode optical fiber to multi mode optical fiber, from 10G to 40G and 100G/200G/400G. As the optical fiber system has higher and higher requirements for optical fiber connectors, Ethernet transmission supports 40G and 100G/200G/400G has become the development trend of data center cabling system. With the popularization of 40G and 100G/200G/400G networks, UnitekFiber has made a variety of MTP/MPO fiber optic cabling solutions for different usage environments. More and more data centers, telecom centers, enterprises and even campuses have begun to use MTP/MPO fiber cables solution, this cabling solution is built by MTP/MPO fiber optic patch cords, MTP/MPO fiber optic patch panels, MTP/MPO adapters and MTP/MPO adapter panels. It can provide unlimited possibilities for high-density cabling and greatly save network deployment time meanwhile.

What Do You Know About MTP/MPO Fiber Cabling Solutions?

MTP/MPO Fiber Cabling Solution in Data center

MTP/MPO high-density fiber cabling has been widely used in data centers, such as supporting thousands of switch ports. Therefore, a single cabinet must maintain a large number of optical interconnects and jumpers. Today, the data centers need to save more spaces so as to reconfigure easily. MTP/MPO high-density fiber cabling greatly applies to meet the requirements of these infrastructures.

MTP/MPO Fiber Cabling Solution in Colocation data center

Clients and new services in the colocation data center have relatively high requirements for network extensibility and flexibility, and the ultra-high-density MTP/MPO fiber cabling system has been favored by the colocation exit data center for its advantages of high flexibility and convenient expansion.

MTP/MPO Fiber Cabling Solution in Enterprise Network and Campus Network

Ultra-high-density MTP|MPO fiber optic patch panels are also widely used in enterprise networks or campus networks, and one of its highlights is plug and play. Convenient installation, no fiber optic knowledge required. Traditional splice installation techniques is applicable as well. There are various types like MTP|MPO  fiber optic patch cords, MTP|MPO fiber patch panel, MTP|MPO fiber splice cassettes and more.

MTP/MPO Fiber Cabling Solution in Telecom Central Office

At present, many large telecom central offices have withdrawn their existing infrastructure and used MTP MPO patch panels to transmit large-scale network line data. They found that MPO/MTP fiber optic patch cords, MTP|MPO fiber splice cassettes and MTP|MPO adapters have become an essential infrastructure in backbone networks.

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