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Military Of Fiber Optic

Military Of Fiber Optic

Unitekfiber Fiber Optic Solution On Military

In the face of the military transformation in the information age, military optical fiber communication, as a rookie of information equipment, has become an indispensable high-tech equipment in the fields of military, aviation, aerospace, weapons, ships, radar, and other fields.

The requirements of modern warfare for military communication equipment are: small size, light weight, easy maneuverability, strong environmental adaptability, good interoperability, invulnerability, anti-interference and confidentiality, easy operation, and easy maintenance.

Military communication application

l Remote systems for strategic and tactical communications;


Military Of Fiber Optic


Local area network for communication between base station;


Adss Fiber Optic Cable Sm 48 Cores


Links between satellite earth stations, radars and other facilities

From tactical military communications systems to terrain vehicles, fiber optic is ubiquitous, and one of the areas where the demand for fiber optic and circular fiber optic connectors is increasing is military applications, where fiber optic cables are also used for high-speed land connections. 


UnitekFiber's wide range of products for military tactical applications is based on the development of underlying technologies, designed to provide the end user with components that are easy to install, highly reliable and have outstanding performance characteristics. UnitekFiber is your partner in implementing communication systems in any environment or application. Here are the product categories from UnitekFiber for your reference.

lFiber Optic Cable

lOptical Transceiver

lEthernet Industrial Switch


lFiber Optic Management

lFiber Optic Components

lFiber Optic Connectivity

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