UnitekFiber Solution.
UnitekFiber Solution.
Company Profile

Company Profile

Company Profile

UnitekFiber Solution is a leading professional manufacturer who is integrating R&D, manufacturing and marketing of optical fiber products and accessories such as indoor|outdoor fiber optic cables, fiber optic patch panels, MPO|MTP fiber cables, Optical transceivers and CWDM|DWDM and so on. Our products and solutions are widely applied in 4G/5G networks, high density datacom cabling, and Cloud Computing industry etc.

With 15 years experience and development, UnitekFiber Solution has gained popularity in the domestic market and a great network over the Middle East Asia, Asia Pacific, Africa, America, Europe region. Our customers are vary from telecommunication service operators to large enterprises, utilities, military units, O&G industry, energy and power distribution units, government organizations, broadcasting units etc.

With strong management group, specialized engineering team, energetic sale team, and well-trained production workers. We all worked as a big family to provide technology support and product recommendation, on your fiber optic network projects.


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Why choose us

Our key value is “Innovation, Quality, Service and Responsibility ”. This value is the way we operate our company, manage our employees, and cooperate with our customers.

Guaranteed Quality
Guaranteed Quality

With high standards and guaranteed quality, all our products are highly valued by our customer. UnitekFiber Solution is committed to manufacture quality products. The best quality is the key to winning the business and to establish long-term cooperation with customers.

Worry-free Service
Worry-free Service

UnitekFiber Solution always try to provide the most professional service for customers. We are constantly improving our services in order to further optimize the development of our business. With quick response to inquiries and questions, you will feel happy and be satis fied through our cooperation.


With our professional R&D team, UnitekFiber is always on the way to research and innovate technology and products in the field of fiber optical industry. Our technological innovations definitely keep pace with the times and even surpass the times.


Certificate Of Environmental Management System
Certificate Of Conformity
Unitekfiber Certificate Of Conformity
Certificate Of Conformity Unitekfiber
Tlc Certificate
Unitekfiber Tlc Certificate
Unitekfiber Certificate Of Environmental Management System
Tlc Certificate Unitekfiber
Our Advantage

UnitekFiber Solution is a professional Fiber Optical manufacturer with an innovative R&D team, strong management team, specialized technical team, energetic sales team and a well-trained production group. We all work as a big family helping and supporting each other and grow up altogether with the company.

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