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Direct Buried Fiber Cable|GYXTW53 Fiber Optic Cable 12 Core Armored Central Loose Tube Double Jacket PE

GYXTW53 cable is a central loose tube fiber cable with double steel tape and double PE jacket.GYXTW53 fiber cable is a small size and light weight, which makes the cable with superior bending resistance and is convenient for installation work.                    


Direct Buried Fiber Cable|GYXTW53 Fiber Optic Cable 12 Core Armored Central Loose Tube Double Jacket

The steel tape armor layer enhances the anti-side pressure and moisture resistance of the cable. Two steel wire reinforcements with good tensile properties. Double-sided coated steel strip (PSP) improves the moisture resistance of the cable. The unique process control and high-quality materials make the cable with excellent mechanical and environmental performance.


lFull section water blocking structure ensures good water and moisture resistance

lLoose sleeve filled with special ointment for critical fiber protection

lTwo parallel round wires resist tension and side pressure

lOptical fiber cable with small outside diameter, light weight, excellent bending performance

lThe loose tube is located in the physical center of the cable, convenient for construction and operation.

lPolyethylene sheath makes the cable have good UV resistance

lDouble armored jacket makes cable better side pressure resistant

lProduct life more than 30 years


lCore Network, Metropolitan Area Network, and Access Network Outdoor Optical Cable

lLaying method: Buried directly, pipeline

lWorking temperature: -40℃~+60℃

lBend radius: Static 10 times the cable diameter

lDynamic 20 times optical cable diameter

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Air Blown Fiber Optic Cable


Blown Fibre

What is Fiber Optic Direct-Burial Cable? 

Fiber optic direct-burial cable is a cable that has passed insulation water absorption and crush-resistance tests.

Are these definitely for direct burial? Is this an armored cable?

Armored, you can directly bury just keep the ends clean.

Why can the direct buried optical cable be directly buried in the ground for installation?

Because direct bury fiber optic cable has steel tape or steel wire armored on the outside to protect the fiber optic cable.

Can I get this in 96core direct bury fiber optic cable?

Yes, you can. Please contact us with your request.

What is your delivery time?

Lead time is 15-20days, according to order quantities.

How will you deliver my goods to me?

Usually deliver by courier, like DHL, UPS, FedEx; also bulk cargo by air & sea.


Jul 15, 2022

Very good service and quality.

The fiber cable was very easy to pull both indoor & outdoor. It's not stiff, went thru conduits nicely.

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