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Optical Transceiver Module|QSFP+ 40G Optical Module 150m MM 850nm Wavelength

40G QSFP optical modules can provide high-density and low-power 40G Ethernet high-speed interconnection for data centers, high-performance computing networks, and telecom operators. The commonly used packaging forms of 40G optical module are CFP, QSFP and QSFP+ optical module. Among them, the 40G QSFP+ optical module is a product developed on the basis of QSFP optical module, which is dedicated to high-density applications. Compared with traditional SFP+ optical module, the port Higher density and lower overall system cost.

Fiber Optic

Optical Transceiver Module|QSFP+ 40G Optical Module 150m MM 850nm Wavelength


l4 Parallel lanes design

lUp to 11.2Gb/s data rate per channel

lAggregate Bandwidth of up to 44.0G

lQSFP+ MSA compliant

lUp to 10km transmission on single mode fiber (SMF)

lMaximum power consumption 3.5W

lSingle +3.3V power supply

lOperating case temperature: 0 to 70℃

lRoHS-6 compliant


l40G Ethernet

lInfinibrand QDR, DDR and SDR

lDatacenter and Enterprise network

Network Connectivity

This transceiver module is an MPO connector with a working wavelength of 850nm. When used with OM3 multimode fiber, the transmission distance can reach up to 100m; when used with OM4 multimode fiber, the transmission distance can reach 150m. It is often used in data centers. QSFP 40G SR4 can not only realize the connection between two 40G network devices with MPO fiber jumper, but also can be used with MPO-LC fiber branch jumper to realize the connection between 40G network device and 10G network device.


Competibale with all your Switch and 100% Tested in Host Devices

Host Devices

High Quality 400G/200G/100G/40G Optical Transceivers, Build Your Fiber Optical Networks Faster, Bigger and Sooner

In order to meet the demand for services such as high-speed Ethernet, cloud computing, and virtual data centers, the transformation of communication transmission networks from 10G to 40G is unstoppable. In addition to increasing equipment and optical cables to achieve greater bandwidth and throughput, increasing port density is also a widely accepted method for data centers to transform to 40G. 40G data center solutions usually consist of 40G switch with 40G QSFP+ optical transceiver module and MTP/MPO Fiber Jumper.


According to different transmission rates, optical transceiver module can be divided into 1G optical transceiver module, 10G optical transceiver module, 25G optical transceiver module, 40G optical transceiver module, 100G optical transceiver module and 400G optical transceiver module.

400G Optical Transceiver Module

Can you accept OEM/ODM transceiver module order?

Yes, please send inquiry to us or email us sales@unitekfiber.com.

Can you confirm 40G QSFP+ Optical module is Cisco compatible?

Unitekfiber's optical modules are compatible with Fiberhome, Huawei, ZTE, Cisco, Ericsson, Nokia and other brands.

What is the QSFP-SR4-40G transceiver max supported distances?


What is the composition of the SFP optical module?

Laser and circuit board IC and external accessories, external accessories are composed of shell, base, PCBA, pull ring, buckle, unlocking piece, rubber plug.

Once I place an order for my optic transceiver, how long will it take to receive them?

Unitekfiber supply a huge volume of optic transceiver modules, most of transceiver modules have a short lead time, 5-7days.

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worked as describe, short lead time

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