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Wall Mount Fiber Enclosure

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Introduction of Wall Mount Fiber Enclosure

Wall mount fiber enclosure is a kind of fiber cable management devise used to distribute and protect fiber optic connections in fiber optic network applications. It is available for the distribution and terminal connection of various optical fiber system.These units are available in sizes to fit the most common fiber cable distribution requirements.

Types of Wall Mount Fiber Enclosure

Simplified Fiber Management: Wall Mount Fiber Enclosures

The wall mount fiber enclosure, also known as a wall mount fiber patch panel, is a device used to house and manage fiber optic cable and related components in a compact wall mounted structure. Wall mount fiber enclosure serves as a termination point for fiber optic connections and provides protection, organization, and easy access for maintenance and troubleshooting.

The wall mount fiber enclosure typically consists of a sturdy metal or plastic housing with a front door or removable cover. Inside, wall mount fiber enclosure features fiber optic cable management options such as fiber splice tray. The wall mount fiber enclosure may also include fiber optic adapter panels that allow for the termination and connection of fiber optic connectors.

wall mounted fiber optical terminal box

nderstanding the Categorization of Wall Mount Fiber Enclosures

Classified by shell material: Wall mount fiber enclosure can be divided into ABS plastic shell and metal shell variants. The choice of shell material depends on factors such as environmental conditions, durability requirements, and aesthetics.

According to fiber optic cable connection: Wall mount fiber enclosure can be categorized as straight-through type or branch type. A straight-through type wall mount fiber enclosure facilitates direct connections between incoming and outgoing fiber optic cable. In contrast, a branch type wall mount fiber enclosure allows for the distribution of fibers into multiple branches or paths.

According to assembly method: Wall mount fiber enclosure can be further classified as fiber optic adapter type or PLC splitter type. An fiber optic adapter type wall mount fiber enclosure is designed to accommodate fiber optic adapter for connecting fibers. On the other hand, a PLC splitter type enclosure is specifically designed to house Planar Lightwave Circuit (PLC) splitters which divide optical signals into multiple outputs.

We UnitekFiber manufactures a series of wall mount and rack mount fiber optical terminal box and splice fiber enclosures. These fiber optic terminal box is economic and convenient for fiber optic solutions. We are so glad to support you and to establish a business cooperation with you. Please contact us at Email sales@unitekfiber.com if you have any inquiry.

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