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Fiber Optic Cable GJFJV 12F Single-mode Aramid Yarn Loose Tube For Indoor

The optical cable has small structure size, good flexibility and can withstand small bending. Radius, no inventory traces, ideal for interconnecting fiber optic cables to workstations, patch cords, pigtails, patch cords in communication cabinets, cabinets to indoor wall terminals, and terminals to transceiver applications. The tight-sleeve 2-core to 4-core circular structure indoor optical cable adopts the tight-sleeve structure with very good flexibility and the high-load aramid yarn to surround the tight-sleeve optical fiber.

Fiber Optic

Fiber Optic Cable GJFJV 12F Single-mode Aramid Yarn Loose Tube For Indoor

Indoor Disribution Fiber Optic Cable GJFJV 6-24 cores 0.6mm 0.9mm Tight Buffered LSZH PVC

GJFJV Indoor fiber optic cable is made by evenly applying strands of aramid yarns or high strength glass yarns as the strength member over 900um or 600um tight buffer fibers and then is completed with PVC(LSZH)jacket. The 24 core GJFJV optical cable has good mechanical environmental performance, and the flame retardant (or non-flammable) performance meets the requirements of relevant standards. Indoor fiber optic cable has the characteristics of softness, flexibility, continuity and convenience, and supports large-capacity data transmission.

Fiber Optic Wire Cable

The Fiber Cores of GJFJV Armored Fiber Cable is 2-24Cores

Features of GJFJV Fiber optic Cable

Fiber Optic Wire for Sale

GJFJV multicore fiber optic cable is a indoor optical fiber cable. Special low-bend-sensitivity fiber provides high bandwidth and excellent communication transmission property. High strength aramid yarn, high performance outer sheath. Good mechanical and environmental performance. This fiber optical cable adopts LSZH flame retardant outer sheath, which has good mechanical and environmental performance, it can meet the standard requirements of optical cable connection.

Fo Cable Type


What is the fiber type for this indoor armored fiber optic cable?

We usually use G652D, G657A1, G657A2 fiber type, also can according to your request.

How many fiber cores for this indoor armored fiber optic cable?

2-24 Cores.

What's the outer jacket material for this indoor armored fiber optic cable?

The cable outer jacket is completed with PVC or LSZH (Low smoke, Zero halogen, Flame-retardant) material.

What's strength member for indoor armored fiber optic cable?

The strength members are usually Kevlar yarn and steel tape to support the whole fiber cable.

Why do indoor optical cables need to be armored?

In order to better protect the optic fiber cable, it has the effect of preventing moisture and anti-rodent.

May I have a sample order?

Yes! You are welcome to place sample order to test our superior quality and services.


Jul 15, 2022

Very good service and quality.

The fiber cable was very easy to pull both indoor & outdoor. It's not stiff, went thru conduits nicely.

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