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Optical Fiber Telecommunications

Optical Fiber Telecommunications

Optical Fiber Telecommunications

Various types of technologies over wire, radio and optical came out to meet the growing demand for faster and more efficient information transmission. The technology of fiber optic telecommunication is more and more popular. The more demands of fiber optic cables and fiber cable accessories is required in the telecommunication. UnitekFiber is providing high quality fiber optic cables, fiber optic patchcords, optical transceivers and so on. UnitekFiber's mission is always providing professional and high-quality services. 


UnitekFiber support customers on telecommunication projects such as:

lFTTC: Fiber to the Curb

lFTTB: Fiber to the Building

lFTTH (Fiber to the Home)

lFTTR(Fiber to the Room)


FTTC: (Fiber to the Curb) 

FTTC is an advanced hybrid fiber/copper network architecture that provides higher broadband bandwidth capabilities beyond traditional copper networks.

UnitekFiber provides FTTC series products including fiber optic closures and fiber optic terminal boxes. The fiber optic splice closure and terminal box can ensure excellent communication quality in harsh natural environment.

Fiber Optic Splice Closures


Fiber Optic splice closures

The fiber optic splice closure and terminal box has the features of waterproof, flame retardant, and anti-impact effects with its high-strength material and installation parts. It widely used in FTTH access network, Telecommunication network, CATV network.


 Fiber Optic Terminal Box Outlet 16 Ports 

 Fiber Optic Terminal Box Outlet 16 Ports

UnitekFiber provides FTTH terminal box in 16 ports. It is a wall mounted terminal box for end user to realize fiber to the desktop system. Provide users with optical access or data access.


FTTB: (Fiber to the Building) 

FTTB applications often use active or passive optical networks to distribute signals over a shared fiber-optic cable to individual households or offices. Fiber to the building may also be known as fiber to the basement.

UniteFiber supports products on FTTB project such as indoor/outdoor fiber optic cable, ASU aerail fiber optic cable and GYTA duct fiber cable. These fiber optic cables reach the boundaries of buildings, such as the basements of multi-dwelling units, and ultimately connect to individual living spaces by alternative means.


Indoor/outdoor Fiber Optic Cable 

Indoor/outdoor Fiber Optic Cable

This indoor/outdoor fiber optic cable is maim applied in the duct. The cable features of water-proof, anti-rodent and flame-retardant which fully meet the requirements of indoor safety applications.

ASU Fiber Optic Cable 

ASU Fiber Optic Cable

ASU fiber optic cable ASU is a self-supporting dielectric fiber optic cable that contains a loose tube that can hold up to 24 fibers, uses a jelly-filled tube and a water-swellable material to fill the core to prevent moisture. ASU fiber cable is applied for aerial application around the building. It is also can be used as mini adss fiber optic cable for less than 150m span.

Duct GYTA Fiber Optic Cable 

Duct GYTA Fiber Optic Cable

This fiber optic cable features good mechanical and temperature performance. Full section water blocking structure, double-coated aluminum tape longitudinal package, ensures good water and moisture resistance. GYTA fiber cable is high strong loose tube that is hydrolysis resistant and widely used in the duct, long-distance communication.


FTTH (Fiber to the Home)

FTTH (Fiber to the Home): FTTH includes fiber-optic access solutions designed for residential deployments. In FTTH networks, fibers are directly connected to individual homes or multitenant buildings.

In FTTH solutions, UnitekFiber provides products of FTTH drop cable, FTTH terminal box, and fast connector. FTTH Terminal boxes are used in the end termination of the drop cables in residential buildings and villas, to fix and splice with pigtails.


FTTH Field Fiber Optical Fast Connector SC APC 

FTTH Field Fiber Optical Fast Connector SC APC

The field fibrer optic fast connectors are quick assembly which only requires fiber installation tools of cable stripping tool and fiber cleaver. It is usually widely used in a telecommunication network, optical fiber communication network and FTTH Network.



Indoor/outdoor FTTH Drop Fiber Optic Cable 

Indoor/outdoor FTTH Drop Fiber Optic Cable

The optical fibers are positioned in the center and two parallel fiber reinforce plastic (FRP) or steel wire strength members are placed at the two sides. FTTH drop fiber optic cable is suitable for connecting with communication equipment and is used as an access building cable in the premises distribution system.

FTTR(Fiber to the Room): FTTR (Fiber to The Room) refers to the basic technical method for fiber access when the fiber is laid to the remote node.

We provides the products of 1port, 2ports, 4ports FTTH Mini Faceplate, terminal box,fiber optic pigtails, fiber optic patch cords and 86 x 86mm Faceplate Terminal Box.

Fiber Optic Pigtails 12 Colourful LC APC 

Fiber optic pigtails 12 Colourful LC APC

Installed LC, SC, FC or ST connector at the one end of the cable, the become a pigtail. Fiber optic pigtail is convenient to install with liability and with high tensile strength and grounding performance. It is widely in cable television network, telecommunication network and computer LAN.


Optical Fiber Faceplate Terminal Box 

Optical Fiber Faceplate Terminal Box

It is the user end product to achieve the solution of optical fiber to the desktop, the interior space design is reasonable. It is widely used for the home or workspace to complete the fiber access and port output. Proper curvature redius allows small redundant fiber inventory and achieves FTTR (Fiber to the Room) system application.

UnitekFiber is a provider of information and communication equipment and network solutions. We advance our industry by providing our customers with efficient, high-quality, continuously innovative products of fiber optic cables, patch cords, optical transceivers and so on. Below are our product categories for your reference:

lFiber Optic Cable

lFiber Cable Management


lFiber Optic Connectivity

lEthernet Fiber Switch

lOptical Transceiver

lFiber Optic Components

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