UnitekFiber Solution.
UnitekFiber Solution.
Industry Of Optical Fiber

Industry Of Optical Fiber

Unitekfiber Supports Global Telecom Industry

UnitekFiber solution provider has begun to expand to a wider field of industrial control through the office environment with optical fiber communication technology. Especially under the influence of many advantages such as the long-distance communication capabilities of optical cables and electrical isolation interfaces, the process of industrial automation control has been accelerated.


UnitekFiber fiber optic cables, fiber optic patchcords, fiber patch panels and Optical transceivers have been proven by multiple parties to withstand the harshest environments, enabling systems to succeed where other systems may fail. UnitekFiber designs and manufactures fiber optic cables, industrial switches, optical modules for industrial networks with extensive experience, making them have excellent performance in harsh use environments.

Successful deployment of products include LSZH indoor breakout fiber optic cables, High Voltage Telecomm Project Aerial ADSS fiber optic cable, and high-density 10G, 25G, 40G 100G and 200G optical transceivers.

l LSZH fiber cables are available for FTTB and FTTH applications

We supply a comprehensive range of Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) cables with features of flame-retardant and unti-UV.  

Indoor Breakout Fiber Optic Cable


Indoor Breakout Fiber optic cable FR-LSZH

GJFJV non-metallic reinforcing member, tight-buffered optical fiber, low-smoke halogen-free flame retardant sheathed indoor fiber optic cable, the fiber cable of this structure is to tightly wrap the optical fiber with a PVC tight-jacketed layer, and place a layer of aromatic Fiber yarn, and extruded a layer of low-smoke halogen-free (LSZH)flame retardant sheath. Fiber cable is used for indoor integrated wiring or as the backbone wiring optical fiber cable of the building. It also are applied in FTTB and FTTH applications.

Aerial Adss Fiber Optic Cable



l  ADSS cables are available for High Voltage telecomm Project

Aerial ADSS cable is an All-dielectric Self-supporting fiber cable which is applied for high Voltage telecomm projects. The ADSS fiber cable is available up to 288 fibers. Each Long Span ADSS cable is custom engineered for optimum placement on utility towers and to operate under full weather load, ensuring safe reliable lifetime performance. For installation on high-voltage lines up to 275 kV, an optional track-resistant jacket prevents dry-band arcing damage. They are being deployed by cable television operators, telephone companies, municipalities and emerging network operators, in addition to electric power utilities.

Optical transceiver are available for industrial harsh environments

Sfp+ 10g Optical Transceiver


The optical transceiver consists of high temperature-resistant semiconductor lasers and other hardware that can work at extreme temperatures for a long time, as well as temperature compensation software to control the stable operating current supply of the optical transceiver module. Industrial harsh environments require industrial-grade Optical transceivers, and these optical transceivers rated for industrial use are more durable and adaptable regardless of environmental conditions. Optical Transceivers for industrial use often need to operate efficiently outdoors, so these transceivers must be able to maintain integrity under harsh operating conditions and extreme temperature ranges. Fiber optical transceivers are versatile, industrial and extended range temperatures require special components to withstand harsher operating environments, UntekFiber designs optical transceivers to be durable and rugged enough to withstand extreme temperature changes and harsh operating environments.

With the continuous progress of the times, the related optical fiber communication technology has also begun to expand to a wider range of industrial control fields through the office environment. UnitekFiber's optical fiber communication technology is also constantly transitioning to the direction of intelligent development. The integration of such technical elements into the industrial control process can obviously show more and more considerable adaptability. In the industrial environment distribution center, the solutions provided by UnitekFiber can ensure that the optical cable wiring solution used on site can more ideally meet the needs of users, as well as meet the actual production and industrial application environment. From fiber optic cable to connectors, patch cords, and other related accessories, UnitekFiber offer a comprehensive range of products designed to deliver seamless connectivity and high-performance solutions. The following are the product categories for your reference.

lFiber Optic Cable

lFiber Optic Connectivity

lOptical Transceiver

lFiber Cable Management


lFiber Optic Components

lEthernet Industrial Switch 

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