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UnitekFiber Solution.


E-PON growth:

E-PON is based on a similar structure to APON and G.983, trying to retain its essence part: physical layer PON. The replacement of ATM by Ethernet as a link layer protocol constitutes a new combination that can provide greater bandwidth, lower cost, and greater communication capabilities.

Ethernet Passive Optical Network

E-PON features:

The uplink and downlink wavelengths of the E-PON technology of the IEEE802.3ah specification are 1310 nm and 1490 nm. The uplink and downlink rates are both 1.25 Gbit/s, the transmission distance is 10/20 km, and the split ratio is 32/16. The main network of E-PON is data and voice. After adding a 1550nm TV broadcast wavelength, it becomes a so-called triple bundle service for voice, data and TV. EPON is a good solution for delivering a single Ethernet service.

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