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MTP MPO Fiber Patch Cord|MTP MPO-LC Fiber Patch Cable 12cores SM G657A1 Customized Length LSZH

Compared with other fiber patch cords, MTP MPO fiber patch cord has the most important features of compact design and large number of fiber cores. MTP MPO fiber patch cord can greatly save cabinet wiring space. At present, MTP MPO connectors are designed with 8 cores, 12 cores, 24 cores, and 48 cores, among which 12 and 24 cores MPO fiber patch cords are more common.

Fiber Optic

MTP MPO Fiber Patch Cord|MTP MPO-LC Fiber Patch Cable 12cores SM G657A1 Customized Length LSZH

MTP MPO fiber patch cords can be divided into breakout type according to the connector type. There are many types of breakout MTP MPO fiber patch cords. Generally, The breakout part of MTP MPO fiber patch cords can be 2~24 core 0.9mm or 2.0mm. The type of fiber connector is specified by the customer, and FC, LC, SC and other types can be selected. The total length of MTP MPO fiber patch cord is specified by the customer. The breakout part length can be customized for the customer within a certain range. Due to the limitation of the process, the breakout length generally does not exceed 3 meters.


MTP MPO Fiber Patch Cord Cabling Solution

The MTP MPO Fiber cabling can be used for direct connection of 40G-40G, 100G-100G, 200G-200G, 400G-400G, and can also be used for upgrade and uplink connection.


Carrier-grade of MTP MPO Fiber Cables Ensures Transmission Quality

The Corning optical fiber and YOFC optical fiber has excellent bending resistance and compression resistance, making them ideal choice for high-density cabling.


UnitekFbier provides OFNR Riser Rated fiber cable and OFNP Plenum fiber cable.


High-quality MTP MPO Fiber Optic Patch Cord Meet Your Larger Network Solution

The traditional LC fiber cabling system has long been unable to meet the high transmission rate and high density requirements of large data centers, so some IT designers have turned to MTP MPO fiber cabling solutions. The specific advantages of MTP MPO fiber cabling are as follows:

1. Stable and durable

2. High Density and Scalability

3. Time-saving and worry-free, high deployment efficiency

4. Prepare for network upgrade

5. Structured rack cabling


Indoor Fiber Cable Installation

UnitekFiber produces all range of indoor fiber optic cables for your indoor fiber cable installation.

2.0mm, 3.0mm fiber optic cable in duplex and simplex;

Breakout fiber optic cables from 4-144cores;

Indoor Armored fiber cables.


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