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40G QSFP+ Optical Transceiver


40G QSFP+ Optical Transceiver

40G optical transceiver can achieve a data transmission rate of 40Gbps per second in optical fiber networks. 40G QSFP+ optical transceiver is widely used in data centers, high-performance computing networks and cloud computing environments, where data traffic is huge and bandwidth requirements are extremely high. UnitekFiber is professional supplier who provides high quality 40G QSFP+ optical modules, including but not limited 40G QSFP+ SR4/LR4/ER4/CWDM4, 40G AOC cable and 40G DAC cable.

Types of 40G QSFP+ Optical Transceiver

What is the 40G QSFP+ Optical Transceiver?

The 40G QSFP+ optical transceiver is a compact hot-swappable transceiver module. It has four transmission channels, each channel has a data rate of 10Gbps, and this optical transceiver complies with SCSI, 40G Ethernet, 20G/40G Infini-band, and other standards. 40G optical modules are mainly used for server interconnection within data centers, interconnection between data centers, and connection with external networks. In addition, it can also be used in enterprise networks, high-performance computing and other fields.


Feature of 40G QSFP+ Optical Transceiver

The 40G QSFP optical module provides a data transmission rate of up to 40Gbps, meeting the needs of large-scale data transmission. It can transmit large amounts of data at an efficient and stable speed, improving the working efficiency of data centers and high-performance computing environments. The 40G QSFP optical module uses four multimode fiber channels, which can simultaneously transmit multi-channel data. This design enables it to support higher bandwidth requirements while maintaining low power consumption. The 40G QSFP optical module uses a small-size connector and a compact design to achieve high-density wiring. This means that in a limited space, more fiber connections can be accommodated, providing more powerful data transmission capabilities. The 40G QSFP optical module has good compatibility and can interoperate with other devices and systems. It can meet various needs in different environments and provide users with flexible configuration options.

Factors to Consider When Choosing 40G QSFP+ Optical Transceiver

When choosing a 40G QSFP+ optical transceiver, there are several important factors to consider. These factors will help ensure compatibility, reliability, and optimal performance within your network environment. Here are some key considerations:

Transmission Distance: Different 40G QSFP+ optical transceiver support varying transmission ranges, such as short-range (SR) for up to 100 meters, long-range (LR) for up to 10 kilometers, or extended range (ER) for up to 40 kilometers.

Fiber Type: 40G QSFP+ optical transceiver are available for both multimode fiber (MMF) and single mode fiber (SMF). MMF is typically used for shorter distances within data centers, while SMF is suited for longer distances over larger network infrastructures.

Compatibility: Ensure compatibility with your networking equipment, such as switches, routers, or servers to guarantee seamless integration with your existing infrastructure.

UnitekFiber is a professional fiber optic products manufacturers, in addition to producing 40G transceiver module, we also produce SFP, SFP28, QSFP28, QSFP-DD, AOC cable and DAC cable, etc for data center. Please contact us at Email sales@unitekfiber.com for more competitive prices.

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