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Best-selling All-dielectric Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable ASU Mini ADSS 120M Span 12core 24core PE

The design of ASU Fiber optic cable combines the advantages of stranded optical cable and central tube optical cable, and combines the two into one. The key idea of the ASU fiber optic cable design is to use two rigid FRP and a single loose tube to be mixed stranded. The three-in-one steady-state stranding unit includes both tensile elements and optical units. 



Best-selling All-dielectric Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable ASU Mini ADSS 120M Span 12core 24core PE

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Outdoor GYFXTBY Flat Cable Single Mode Fiber Optic Cable is Non-Armored Uni-Tube optical cable with fibers placed in loose buffer tube. The cable core is protected with jelly to prevent water intrusion and migration, and cover with a black polyethylene out jacket. Two embedded FRP or metallic wire provide desire tension. The cable consists of a central loose tube, filled with a synthetic oil based jelly, non-nutritive to fungus, electrically non-conductive, homogeneous and free from dirt and foreign matter, containing up to 12 optical fibres. Two Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP) elements are longitudinally applied parallel with the tube, and an outer black PE sheath, UV resistant.

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The Fiber Cores of Flat Fiber Cable is 2-24Cores

Features of GYFXTBY Fiber Optic Cable

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The PBT loose tube material has good hydrolysis resistance, and the tube is filled with special ointment to protect the optical fiber. The flat optical cable is all non-metallic structure, light in weight, easy to lay, and has better anti-electromagnetic and lightning protection effects. Drop cable has the advantages of corrosion resistance, UV protection and environmental protection. Precise control of the excess length of the fiber cable ensures that the optical cable has good tensile performance and temperature characteristics.

Applications of  Flat Fiber optic Cable

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The flat fiber optic cable is end of the household access, the agricultural network lightning distribution area overhead, also can application indoor and outdoor wiring in open areas. Mainly used for building pipelines or overhead drop cables, and can also be used for access networks, outdoor to indoor drop cables.

Professional Assistant For Flat Fiber Optic Cabling System

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The optical cable layout is generally led from the entrance hole in front of the office to the optical transceiver through the underground access room. Due to the complexity of routing, manual deployment should be adopted. When laying, there should be a special person at the upper and lower corridors and each corner to pull according to the unified command, keep the fiber drop in a slack state during the pulling, and flat optic cable is strictly forbidden to make small circles and dead bends.

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Air Blown Fiber Optic Cable


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What is ADSS fiber optic cable?

All-dielectric self-supporting (ADSS) cable is a type of optical fiber cable that is strong enough to support itself between structures without using conductive metal elements.

How about the pole span for ADSS fiber optic cable?

UnitekFiber can supply ADSS fiber optic cable with 100-800 meter pole span.

Why does fiber optic cable need all-dielectric material?

Dielectric means it has non-conducting properties of a non-metallic, insulating material that resists the passage of electric current.

Can ADSS be installed underground?

ADSS cables should be placed in Aerial and duct, but can not be direct-buried.


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