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Fiber Optic Patch Cord|Simplex SM G657A1 E2000/APC-E2000/UPC Fiber Optic Jumper LSZH 1m

The E2000 fiber optic patch cord is a vital component in the field of telecommunications. It is used to provide a reliable and efficient connection between different devices or systems that rely on fiber optic technology. One of the key features of this fiber optic patch cord is its compatibility with SM fiber optic cables. This allows for long-distance transmission of data, making it suitable for applications such as telecommunications networks and internet infrastructure. The APC and UPC fiber connectors utilized in this fiber optic patch cord are known for their low insertion loss and high return loss, guaranteeing excellent signal quality. Whether it is for data centers, telecommunication networks, or high-speed internet connections, the E2000 fiber optic patch cord is a reliable solution that ensures seamless connectivity.

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Difference Between SM and MM Fiber Optic Jumper

A fiber optic jumper, also known as a fiber optic patch cord, is a crucial component in telecommunication networks. It serves as a medium for transmitting data signals between two devices or network components. There are two main types of fiber optic jumper based on optical cable types: single mode (SM) and multimode (MM). SM fiber optic jumper have a smaller core diameter, allowing them to transmit data over longer distances with minimal signal loss. On the other hand, MM fiber optic jumper have a larger optical fiber core diameter, making them suitable for shorter distance transmissions. Both SM and MM fiber optic jumpers are widely used in various applications, including telecommunications, data centers, and local area networks (LANs), providing reliable and efficient connectivity solutions.

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Unique Push-pull Mechanism of E2000 Fiber Connector

The E2000 fiber connector features a unique push-pull mechanism that sets it apart from other fiber optic connector types. This mechanism enables quick and effortless mating and demating of the E2000 fiber connector with compatible interfaces. And ensures a strong and stable connection, minimizing signal loss and optimizing data transmission. By simply pushing or pulling the E2000 fiber connector, it easily locks into place or disengages, providing a secure and efficient connection process. Additionally, the E2000 fiber connector is equipped with a protective shutter, providing extra protection against dust and debris when not in use.

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Fiber Optic Patch Cord Connectivity Solutions

Fiber optic patch cord connectivity solutions find wide-ranging applications in today’s digital landscape. They are extensively used in telecommunications networks, data centers, medical imaging, industrial automation, and military and aerospace sectors. These solutions enable high-speed and reliable data transmission, ensuring seamless communication, efficient data transfer, and accurate diagnosis. With their resistance to electromagnetic interference and ability to withstand harsh conditions, fiber optic patch cord have become indispensable in various industries, revolutionizing connectivity and enabling faster and more efficient data transfer.

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Different Outer Sheath Materials Meet Your Different Wiring Requirements

UnitekFiber can offers a comprehensive range of fiber optic patch cord with various outer sheath materials to accommodate a wide array of application requirements. Our diverse selection includes options tailored for different environmental conditions and installation needs. Whether you require enhanced fire safety, superior durability, or compliance with specific building regulations, our range of outer sheath materials ensures that you can find the ideal fiber optic patch cord for your project.

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Packing & Delivery

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Can E2000 fiber optic jumpers be used for both SM and MM applications?

Yes, E2000 fiber optic jumpers are available for both SM and MM applications.

What is a fiber optic jumper?

There are various types of fiber optic jumpers available, including single-mode and multimode jumpers.

How do I choose the right fiber optic jumper?

To choose the right fiber optic jumper, you need to consider factors such as the transmission distance, the type of optical devices you are connecting, and the connector compatibility.

How can I get a sample to check your quality ?

If you need sample to test, please contact our sales team or email us sales@unitekfiber.com.

How do E2000 fiber optic jumpers ensure signal integrity?

E2000 fiber optic jumpers are designed to provide low insertion loss and high return loss, which helps maintain signal integrity during transmission.

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