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High Quality US Conec MTP® PRO to MTP® PRO 12cores Single Mode Fiber Optical Patch Cord 2.0mm for Data Cabling

The MTP® PRO fiber connector is the newest product to the US Conec MTP® brand MPO product family. This state-of-the-art connector brings simplified use to the MPO format by offering optimal field flexibility and enhanced performance, all while leveraging the proven features and technology of US Conec's MTP® connectors.

With a novel design focused on simplicity and reliability, the MTP® PRO connector offers quick and effective polarity and pin reconfiguration in the field while ensuring product integrity and performance.


High Quality US Conec MTP® PRO to MTP® PRO 12cores Single Mode Fiber Optical Patch Cord 2.0mm for Da

MTP PRO provides you with the flexibility to make changes or upgrades to your network without having to source specialist engineers to carry out gender or polarity changes. When changing the gender of the MTP PRO or changing the polarity, the MTP Pro will significantly reduce project time while minimizing the risk of damaging fragile fibers. MTP PRO fiber optic patch cord can easily be used in different high density data center.

High Quality US Conec MTP® PRO to MTP® PRO 12cores Single Mode Fiber Optical Patch Cord 2.0mm for Da

Now, with no special skills or training required, you can easily perform polarity and pin reconfiguration in the field without removing the connector housing or exposing fibers. Featuring an integrated insertion and extraction sleeve, the MTP PRO offers true push-pull functionality without compromising the connector footprint. In addition, enhanced latching and alignment features reduce debris generation, resulting in trouble-free patching.

The MTP PRO connector offers simplified and robust field configurability, ease of use, and enhanced performance combined with the MTP connector you know and trust.

Aerial Cable Ends

MTP PRO single mode fiber optic patch cable jumpers offer the ultimate in MTP performance in a field-reconfigurable package. The fastest, easiest, and safest way to change polarity and pin configuration in the field. Change polarity in 3 seconds, change polarity and pin configuration in 10 seconds.

Aerial To Aerial Cable

The use of MTP Pro® connectors are becomingly increasingly common due to the seamless changes they offer whilst on-site. They allow for quick and easy amendments to cable gender and polarity (for some cable types), meaning that they are now being swapped in as an alternative to standard MTP connectors.

Typically, the connectors have been adopted for use within 40G and 100G networking, allowing you to easily extend your existing network if required.

Aerial Wire Support

The design of the MTP Pro connector has eliminated the risk of delicate fibers being exposed when the connector housing is removed, which enables competent technicians to carry out re-configurations. Fiber optic patch cord with MTP Pro connector is the most innovative fiber optic patch cord to date. Combining leading ferrule performance with field swappable polarity and pins, the MTP Pro is the most versatile multi fiber connector.

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