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What is the Advantage of Fiber Optic Cable?

What is the Advantage of Fiber Optic Cable?

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The advantage of optical cable is the necessary condition for the realization and development of optical cable transmission. Relative to the copper wire rate of 1.54MHZ per second, the operating speed of the fiber optic cable network has reached 2.5GB per second. 

From the perspective of bandwidth, the great advantage is that the optical fiber has a large information capacity, which means that it is possible to use a small-sized electronic cable without having to update or enhance the signal in the fiber cable transmission.Fiber-optic cables have a large impedance to electromagnetic noise such as radios, motors, or other adjacent cables, making them immune to electrical noise. From a long-term maintenance perspective, the maintenance cost of the fiber optic cable will be very low. 

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Optical fiber transmission has the advantages of small attenuation, frequency bandwidth, strong anti-interference, high safety performance, small size, and light weight, so it has unparalleled advantages in long-distance transmission and special environments. The transmission medium is an important factor that determines the transmission loss. It determines the distance required to relay the signal. Optical fiber as a transmission medium for optical signals has the characteristics of low loss. The frequency band of optical fiber can reach more than 1.0GHz. The bandwidth of general images is only 8MHz. The image of one channel is more than enough to transmit with a core optical fiber, and it is more advantageous in transmitting voice, control signals or contact signals. 

The carrier wave in optical fiber transmission is light wave, which is an electromagnetic wave with extremely high frequency, which is much higher than the frequency used in radio wave communication, so it is not interfered. Moreover, the glass material used in the optical fiber is non-conductive and does not generate sparks due to disconnection, lightning strikes, etc., so it has strong safety and is particularly suitable for flammable and explosive situations.

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