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UnitekFiber Solution.
Energy And Infrastruction Of Fiber Optic

Energy And Infrastruction Of Fiber Optic

Energy And Infrastruction Of Fiber Optic

With the evolution and upgrading of network technologies, the enabling role of new-generation network infrastructure such as all-optical networks and 5G in the efficient use of resources and the efficient operation of society has moved to a new height, showing growing potential for development.

The construction of a new generation of network infrastructure represented by all-optical networks and 5G is closely linked with the digital transformation of various industries, so as to enable innovation in the energy industry, application innovation and industrial ecological innovation.

UnitekFiber provides a full range of optical network products, relying on its strong technical accumulation in the field of optical fiber and and optical modules, such as fiber optic cable that meet all-scenario and all-weather deployments, standardized and modular integrated fiber cabling.


lFTTH Drop Fiber Optic Cable

lAir Blowing Micro Fiber Optic Cable

lADSS Fiber Optic Cable

lAerial Fiber Optic Cable

lIndoor Fiber Optic Cable

lDuct Fiber Optic Cable

lDirect Bury Fiber Optic Cable

lAnti-rodent Fiber Optic Cable

lOSP Fiber Cable(Outside Plant Fiber Cable)

    UnitekFiber also provides a full range of all-optical data center cabling products supporting customers' infrastructure projects, including bend-insensitive optical fiber cables, passive optical distribution frames, fiber optic patch cords, etc. These products have a large capacity, high reliability, and are easy to install, expand, and upgrade. The following are the product categories for your reference


    lFiber Optic Cable

    lOptical Transceiver

    lEthernet Industrial Switch


    lFiber Optic Management

    lFiber Optic Components

    lFiber Optic Connectivity


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