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12Cores Female MTP to 0.9mm LC Type B SM G657A2 Corning Fiber OFNP 0.3m Fiber Optic Jumper

UnitekFiber supplies a large number of pre-terminated mtp mpo fiber optic patch cords, that is, one end is installed with MTP/MPO fiber connectors, and the other end is installed with LC connectors. Both ends of the product have professional compressive and tensile designs, which can withstand construction and installation tension and side tension. The number of cores of MPO-LC 0.9mm pre-terminated MTP cable patch cords can be 8 cores, 12 cores, and 24 cores. The optical fiber is composed of single-mode OS1/OS2 fiber, multi-mode OM3 fiber, and OM4 fiber optical cables, and the length can be customized in meters. The outer sheath of the pre-terminated MTP Cable optical jumper can provide different fire protection CMP, CMR and LSZH, etc.

Fiber Optic

12Cores Female MTP to 0.9mm LC Type B SM G657A2 Corning Fiber OFNP 0.3m Fiber Optic Jumper


MTP/MPO (male)-LC/SC/FC/ST Fan-out 0.9mm 30cm patch cable are designed for MPO-LC LGX module cassettes are terminated with MTP MPO and LC/SC/FC/ST connector on each end. It's specifically designed for high-density fiber patching in data centers which need space saving and reduce cable management troubles.

Female Male MTP MPO Fiber Patch Cord

MTP MPO Fiber Patch Cord Cabling Solution

Pre-terminated MTP/MPO 0.9 mm fan-out connector harnesses are pre-tested, and can be used with MTP/MPO Plug & Play modules cassette and enclosures in data-center applications. Available in multimode, single-mode, can be customized with any connector style and in any length to meet specific applications. 



Carrier-grade of MTP MPO Fiber Cables Ensures Transmission Quality

High grade optical fiber has excellent bending resistance and compression resistance, making them ideal choice for high-density cabling.

Fiber Cable Features

OFNR Riser Rated fiber cable and OFNP Plenum fiber cable can be choose for your network cabling.

OFNR RISER Rated Fiber Cable and OFNP Plenum Fiber

High-quality MTP MPO Fiber Optic Patch Cord Meet Your Larger Network Solution

Multimode MPO/MTP fiber patch cords are mostly used for high-density data center cabling. Single-mode MPO/MTP fiber patch cords are mainly used in long-distance data transmission systems. MPO/MTP backbone patch cords are specially designed for data center applications.

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