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UnitekFiber Solution.
Mining Use of Fiber Optic

Mining Use of Fiber Optic

Unitekfiber Fiber Optic Solution On Mining

Mining is inherently dangerous, so having a responsive communication system is essential. Modern mines have been updated to increase production, dig deeper, and pay more attention to the safety of all equipment and personnel. A secure and reliable fiber optic network is the perfect solution for all types of enhanced communications needs in any mining operation.

Fiber optic technology has become an omniscient element in underground mining operations, thanks to lightning-fast speeds, fast deliveries and reliable sensing capabilities. Fiber optic communication systems installed in mines will provide real-time, accurate data for all mining processes.

The advantages of fiber optic network in mines:

lGlass bundles in fiber optic cables enable high-speed data transmission without associated hazards.

lA stray spark can cause a large explosion in the mine. Since there are no electrical conductors in fiber optic cables, the risk of sparks igniting flammable gases is not a problem.

lThe glass in the fiber optic cable eliminates crosstalk and other unwanted signal transmission, making it immune to interference.

lFiber-optic communication networks are designed to maintain system integrity for extended periods of time in extremely harsh conditions. These systems provide a safe and secure vital link between the mine and the control center.

lFiber-optic networks are immune to electromagnetic interference.


UnitekFiber providing the secure and reliable nature of fiber optic technology makes it the perfect communication solution for a variety of industries, especially mining. The spark-resistant, fast, and long-distance reliability characteristics of fiber optic networks solve many of the problems inherent in using non-fiber optic cables in hazardous situations. Here are the fiber optic cable product categories from UnitekFiber for your reference:

lADSS Fiber Optic Cable

lAerial Fiber Optic Cable

lDuct Fiber Optic Cable

lDirect Bury Fiber Optic Cable

lAnti-rodent Fiber Optic Cable

lOSP Fiber Cable(Outside Plant Fiber Cable)


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