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Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable Aerial Armored GYXTC8S Figure 8 Self-supporting 2-24 Cores SM G652D PE

The aerial fiber optic cable GYXTC8S figure 8 optical cable is a self-supporting metal reinforcement mini aerial cable. It is a armored figure 8 cable and a central PBT tube and is available in 2~24 cores.The fiber optical cable core has compact structure, light weight, small size, easy construction and maintenance, low manufacturing cost, and reduce investment costs for users.

Fiber Optic

 GYXTC8S aerial fiber optic cable is a figure 8 structure cable suitable for installation in aerial environment for long haul communications. GYXTC8S is loose tube fiber with good excess length and minimize the influence of lateral crush. The water resistant tape provides water tight property. Corrugated steel tape armor and the PE outer sheath of GYXTC8S fiber optic cable provide crush resistance and gun shot resistance. The cross section shows figure 8 cable. Stranded wires as self supporting member providing excellent strain performance and convenient installation for this GYXTC8S fiber cable.


The Fiber Cores of GYXTC8S Fiber Cable is from 2 cores to 24 cores

Features of GYXTC8S Fiber optic Cable


 GYXTC8S aerial fiber optic cable is high tensile strength of stranded wires meet the requirement of self-supporting. Good mechanical and temperature performance. High strength loose tube of fiber cable that is hydrolysis resistant. Special tube filling compound ensure a critical protection of fiber. The following measures are taken to ensure the cable watertight. Loose tube filling compound. 100% cable core filling. Steel tape moisture barrier.

Applications of GYXTC8S Fiber optic Cable


  GYXTC8S armored fiber optic cable is a figure 8 structure fiber cable suitable for installation in aerial environment for long haul communications. This optical cable is 2cores to 24 cores types available.

Professional Assistant For GYXTC8S Fiber Optic Cabling System. The integrated wiring system, as a platform for the operation of the information network system, meets the requirements of the network optical fiber jumper wiring system.



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