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ADSS Fiber Optic Cable|All-dielectric Self-supporting Fiber Optic Cable Span 100m 200m Double Jacket PE

ADSS fiber optical cable is all-dielectric self-supporting cable. Self-supporting means that the self-supporting member of the optical cable can bear its own weight and external load. As it is a self-supporting optical cable, its mechanical strength technology is important.

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ADSS Fiber Optic Cable|All-dielectric Self-supporting Fiber Optic Cable Span 100m 200m Double Jacket

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All-dielectric self-supporting optical cable is a kind of non-metallic optical cable that is composed entirely of dielectric materials that contain necessary support systems and can be directly suspended on power towers. ADSS cables with the double jacket are better to be deployed for large-span applications. Fiber optic cable is in a stranded structure design, the inner optical fibers and water-blocking grease are added into the fiber loose tube, and different loose tubes are wound around the central reinforcement.

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The Fiber Cores of ADSS Fiber Cable is 2-288Cores

Features of ADSS Fiber optic Cable

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The optical fiber in the sleeve is a loose-sleeve structure, the cable core structure is a layered stranded type, the PE outer sheath has the function of preventing electrical corrosion, and the main load-bearing component is aramid yarn. ADSS optical cable has strong low temperature resistance and environmental adaptability.  ADSS optical cable is laid independently without relying on transmission lines, which is convenient for construction and maintenance.

Applications of ADSS Fiber optic Cable

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ADSS optical cables are mainly used for communication lines of overhead high-voltage transmission systems, and can also be used for communication lines in overhead laying environments such as lightning-prone areas and large spans. The special design of ADSS fiber cable suitable for installation on Power Transmission Lines and nearby Power Utilities.

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What is ADSS fiber optic cable?

All-dielectric self-supporting (ADSS) cable is a type of optical fiber cable that is strong enough to support itself between structures without using conductive metal elements.

How about the pole span for ADSS fiber optic cable?

UnitekFiber can supply ADSS fiber optic cable with 100-800 meter pole span.

Why does fiber optic cable need all-dielectric material?

Dielectric means it has non-conducting properties of a non-metallic, insulating material that resists the passage of electric current.

Can ADSS be installed underground?

ADSS cables should be placed in Aerial and duct, but can not be direct-buried.


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