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Fiber Optic Cable

Types of Fiber Optic Cable

Fiber optics is used for long-distance and high-performance data networking. It is also commonly used in telecommunication services. Friends who need to buy fiber optic cable, welcome to contact UnitekFiber, a trustworthy fiber optic products supplier.
Fiber Optic

What is Fiber Optic Cable?

Fiber optic cable communication is the main transmission method of modern communication networks. It has a history of only about 20 years and has experienced three generations: short-wavelength multimode optical fiber, long-wavelength multimode optical fiber, and long-wavelength single-mode optical fiber. The use of fiber optic cable communication is a major change in the history of communication. More than 20 countries including the United States, Japan, Britain, and France have announced that they will no longer build power cable communication lines and are committed to the development of optical fiber communication.

The birth and development of fiber optic cable communication is an important revolution in the history of telecommunications. It is listed alongside satellite communication and mobile communication as the technology of the 1990s. In the 21st century, due to the rapid development of Internet services and the growth of multimedia applications, there is an even more urgent need for large-capacity (ultra-high-speed and ultra-long-distance) lightwave transmission systems and networks. Compared with the previous electrical communication, the main difference between optical fiber communication is that it has many advantages: transmission frequency bandwidth, large communication capacity; low transmission loss, long relay distance; thin wire diameter and light weight, raw material is quartz, saving metal materials, Reasonable use of favorable resources; strong insulation and anti-electromagnetic interference performance; strong anti-corrosion ability, strong anti-radiation ability, good winding ability, no electric spark, small leakage, strong confidentiality, etc.

What are the Main Applications of Fiber Optic Cable As Follows:

Communication applications

People in the information age are inseparable from convenient and fast communication. fiber optic cable communication is mostly used in the Internet, cable television and (video) telephones. Compared with the traditional metal copper wire, the fiber optic cable signal is easy to avoid the influence of attenuation and interference during the transmission process. In the occasion of long-distance and large-scale signal transmission, the advantage of optical fiber cable is more significant. Secondly, it has good conduction performance and large transmission information capacity. An optical fiber channel can accommodate multiple people to talk at the same time and transmit multiple sets of TV programs at the same time. The remarkable functions and unique advantages of optical fiber cable communication can contribute to the development of the power system. The power system in many regions of our country has gradually transitioned from the main line to the optical fiber. At present, the most developed and largest dedicated communication network in my country is the optical fiber communication network of the power system. A series of power production and telecommunication services such as broadband, voice, and data are basically carried by optical fiber communication. Optical fiber cable communication technology is of great significance in ensuring the stability and safe operation of the power system, as well as satisfying people's lives and production, and thus has been warmly welcomed by people.

Medical applications

The fiber optic endoscope can be introduced into the heart and brain ventricles to measure the blood pressure of the heart, the saturation of oxygen contained in the blood, body temperature, etc. The laser scalpel connected by the fiber optic fiber has been successfully used in medicine, and it can also be used as a photosensitive method for curing. cancer patient. The endoscope made of optical fiber can help doctors check stomach, esophagus and other diseases. Fiber-optic gastroscope is made of thousands of glass fibers

The composed tube has the functions of transporting light and conducting images, and has the advantages of softness, flexibility, and arbitrary bending of the optical fiber. It can easily enter the stomach through the esophagus and export the images in the stomach, and diagnose and treat according to the situation.

Sensor application

It can be applied to the photosensitive sensor and infrared sensor of street lights in daily life, and is widely used in the temperature sensor in automobiles, the speed measuring radar sensor in traffic, and the red light running. When combined with sensitive components or using the characteristics of the optical fiber itself, it can be widely used in industrial measurement of flow, Pressure, temperature, gloss, color, etc. have also been widely used in energy transmission and information transmission.

Optical fiber downhole detection technology

The traditional petroleum industry can only use limited technologies to extract oil and gas reserves, which usually cannot meet the needs of rapid investment recovery and maximize oil and gas recovery, and the average oil recovery rate is only about 30%. By using smart well technology, the oil recovery rate can be increased to 55%~65%. Although traditional logging methods can provide valuable data, they have high operating costs and may cause damage to the well. Optical fiber downhole detection technology can improve the efficiency of logging, make the data more accurate, and have a certain degree of safety for downhole conditions, and have a certain degree of safety for downhole conditions and the cost of fiber optic cable is guaranteed.

Optical fiber art application

With their good physical characteristics, optical fiber lighting and LED lighting have become more and more applications for artistic decoration and beautification. It can be used in advertising displays, fiber optic floor lights on lawns, art decorations, etc.


To sum up, the significant impact of optical fiber communication technology on the Internet is also one of the core parts driving its continuous development. With the more extensive and scientific use of optical fiber communication technology, 5g communication technology will soon enter the lives of ordinary people, and it will further change people's production and lifestyles. In addition, it is one of the key factors driving the sound development of society and the economy.

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