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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Every time a user accesses a page on our website and every time a file is called up, access data relating to this process are saved and anonymized in a log file on our server. References to personal identity are automatically and immediately deleted in this process.

Every data record consists essentially of the following:

  • the page from which the file was requested

  • the name of the file

  • the date and time of the request

  • IP address of the device from which the request was made

  • the volume of data transmitted

  • the access status (file transmitted, data not found, etc.)

  • a description of the type of web browser used

These anonymized, stored data are only evaluated for statistical purposes.

If there is an option on the website to enter personal or business data (email addresses, names, addresses), such details are provided by the user on an exclusively voluntary basis and only to serve the desired purpose. The data will be processed strictly in accordance with statutory provisions. Mandatory information is naturally marked as such.

Your personal information will be processed and stored exclusively to meet the company’s own business purposes. Your data will be treated confidentially and will not be passed to third parties without authorization.

You will only be personally identified with the use of our offerings with your prior consent (see below).

Unitekfiber uses third parties as service providers for processing data, including personal data, as part of its own business purposes; such service providers are cloud suppliers, service providers for the analysis of activities and web analysis services. A more detailed description of such services is to be found below.

On request, you can at any time receive information on the nature and scope of personal data held about you. In addition, you have a right of rectification, blockage and erasure of such personal data in accordance with statutory provisions.

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