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MPO/MTP Patch PanelHigh Density 4U 384 Core 19 Inch Rack Mount ODF Fiber Loaded MPO LC SC Cassettes

The 4U 19 inch rack mount MTP/MPO patch panel with 384 cores is a high density optical distribution frame designed to provide management for large-scale network deployments. This optical distribution frame is specifically built for MTP/MPO fiber connectors, which are widely used in data centers and telecommunications environments. The MPO/MTP patch panel follows the industry-standard 19 inch rack mount form factor, ensuring compatibility with standard server racks or cabinets. This high density configuration allows for efficient optical cable management and enables easy manage and maintenance of large-scale fiber optic cable networks. UnitekFiber manufactures MPO/MTP patch panels with clear labels for easy identification, simplifying installation, maintenance and troubleshooting. Overall, MPO/MTP patch panel cabling provides a reliable and space-saving solution for high-density fiber optic cable management.


MPO/MTP Patch Panel|High Density 4U 384 Core 19 Inch Rack Mount ODF Fiber Loaded MPO LC SC Cassette

Characteristics of the Rack Mount MTP/MPO Patch Panel

1. High density wiring application condition

2. Standard 19''

3. High-density, 4U 384 fibers

4. Sliding drawer, easily installed

5. Can be loaded ABS MPO module cassette or LC/SC/FC fiber adapters panel

6. Sprayed surface treatment process

7. Customizable color and LOGO

What is MTP/MPO module Cassette?

The MTP/MPO module cassette is an enclosed unit that usually include fiber optic connectors such as SC fiber optic connector and LC connector plugged into fiber optic adapters on the front side of the MTP/MPO module cassette and MPO/MTP connector plugged into the rear. This MPO/MTP patch panel can install 16pcs MPO module cassettes. Using MTP/MPO fiber cassette ensures adaptability for the ever-changing data center and network environment. When requirements for fiber optic connectors change in the future, all you have to do is simply swap out the MTP/MPO fiber cassette all while leaving the existing backbone infrastructure intact.

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Adapter Panel and Splice Tray Functions

The MPO/MTP patch panels play a crucial role in supporting fiber optic cable infrastructure. These MPO/MTP patch panels not only accommodate MPO/MTP module cassettes but also facilitate optical fiber cable splicing through the use of LC/SC fiber optic adapter panels and fiber splicing trays. This versatility allows optical distribution frame to cater to diverse fiber optic cable configurations, making them highly adaptable for various environments that demand efficient optical fiber cable management with high density.

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Boost Network Efficiency with High-Density MTP/MPO Patch Panels

High density MTP/MPO patch panels feature a compact design that allows for a significantly higher port density compared to traditional fiber patch panels. By utilizing MTP/MPO patch panels, organizations can maximize their network efficiency by increasing the number of available optical fiber cable management. This translates into higher data throughput, reduced latency, and improved overall network performance. With their easily to managing fiber optic patch cable and support high-speed data transmission, these MTP/MPO patch panels empower to keep up with the ever-growing demands of modern networking environments.

fibre joint enclosurefibre-joint-enclosure.jpg

What is the purpose of a MTP/MPO patch panel?

The MTP/MPO patch panel acts as a centralized termination point for fiber patch cable and provides a secure and organized interface for connecting and managing high-density fiber optic management.

What is the capacity of this MTP/MPO patch panel?

This type of MTP/MPO patch panel has a capacity of 384 optical fibers.

Can I mix single mode and multimode optical fibers in a MTP/MPO patch panel?

Yes, you can mix different optical fiber types in the MTP/MPO patch panel.

How can I get a sample to check your quality?

If you need sample to test, please contact our sales team or email us sales@unitekfiber.com.

How do I manage the cable routing in a MTP/MPO patch panel?

Optical cable management accessories such as optical cable ties, or fiber splicing trays are commonly used to organize and route the fiber patch cord within the rack.

The MPO/MTP patch panel allowed us to maximize our network rack space while providing easily fiber management.

The MPO/MTP patch panel reducing cable clutter and improving overall performance.

The MPO/MTP patch panel exceeded our expectations in terms of performance and durability.

The optical distribution frame high density design and compatibility with various fiber optic connectors make it a versatile addition to any network.

The price of the MPO patch panel is very favorable. Not only that, the delivery speed is amazingly fast.

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