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OM1 fiber optic jumper is a type of multimode fiber cable used for short-range data transmission. It has a core size of 62.5 microns and can support data rates up to 1 Gigabit per second. OM1 jumpers are commonly used in legacy networks and offer a cost-effective solution for shorter distance applications such as LANs. They provide reliable connectivity but have limitations compared to newer fiber categories in terms of bandwidth and transmission distances.

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Secure and Precise LC Connectors for Seamless Connectivity

LC Connectors for Secure Connections: The OM1 LC-LC SX fiber optic jumper features LC connectors known for their compact size and secure connections. These connectors provide a precise and reliable fit, minimizing signal loss and maintaining seamless communication between network devices. With LC connectors, you can ensure consistent and efficient data transmission, reducing downtime and optimizing network performance.


Enhancing Connectivity Solutions with LC OM1 Fiber Optic Jumper

The LC OM1 fiber optic jumper is commonly used in applications such as local area networks (LANs), data centers, telecommunication networks, enterprise networks, video surveillance systems, and campus networks. It provides a reliable and efficient connectivity solution for fast data transmission over short distances. With its versatile connectivity options, plug-and-play installation, and network flexibility, the LC OM1 fiber optic jumper is suitable for various networking environments and ensures seamless communication between devices.


Different outer sheath materials meet your different wiring requirements

PVC outer sheaths offer excellent general-purpose protection and are cost-effective. On the other hand, LSZH sheaths are suitable for applications where fire safety is a concern because they emit minimal smoke and toxic fumes in case of a fire. Additionally, PE sheaths provide durability and resistance to outdoor elements, making them ideal for outdoor installations. By considering your unique wiring requirements and choosing the right outer sheath material, you can ensure the reliability, safety, and longevity of your cable installations.


Low attenuation ensures optimum performance

Low attenuation is vital for ensuring optimum performance in fiber optic communication systems. Attenuation refers to the loss of signal strength as it travels through the fiber optic cable. When the attenuation is low, it means that the signal can travel longer distances without significant degradation, allowing for reliable and efficient data transmission. With low attenuation, the signal can maintain its integrity and quality, resulting in minimal errors or signal loss. By using fiber optic patch cord with low attenuation, such as the OM1 fiber optic patch cord, organizations can achieve seamless connectivity, reduce signal degradation, and ensure optimal performance in their communication networks.


What does OM1 mean?

It is a type of multimode fiber optic cable that supports transmission distances of up to 550 meters at a wavelength of 850nm.

Can you supply customized fiber optic patch cable and logo?

Yes. We supply OEM service. You can send us your drawing.

What is the difference between OM1 and other types of fiber optic cables?

OM1 fiber optic cable has a core size of 62.5 microns, while newer types like OM2, OM3, and OM4 have a smaller core size of 50 microns.

What are the advantages of using OM1 fiber optic jumper LC?

OM1 fiber optic jumper LC is cost-effective and suitable for short-distance data transmission within a LAN environment.

Do you test all fiber patch cables?

We have professional QC to control quality before shipment.

Jul 05, 2023

They are easy to install, and the performance has been excellent for my short-distance data transfers.

It offers easy plug-and-play installation and has improved the overall performance of our network connections.

received the whole part of my order. fully meets our needs.

They provide fast and stable connections between my devices, even over short distances. Great product!

Great Service and parts delivery on time and to the specifications

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