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25G SFP28 Optical Transceiver

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Introduction of 25G SFP28 Optical Transceiver

In 2020, 5G will embark on a commercial journey, and 25G optical transceiver are now widely used in the construction of 5G signal base stations. In the 4G era, single-mode 10G optical transceiver modules are mainly used in fronthaul networks. In the 5G era, the best input/output (I/O) performance and fiber capacity of 25G SFP28 optical transceiver are 2.5 times that of 10G Ethernet. With higher port density and fewer switches and cables, it is widely used in the construction of 5G fronthaul base stations.
25G optical transceiver module is an optical transceiver module with a transmission rate of 25Gbps. It is mainly used in 25G Ethernet and 100G (4×25Gbps) Ethernet. Its function is to interconnect data center servers and switches. 25G optical transceivers can provide the most energy-saving way to meet the growing demands of data center networks.

Technical Development of 25G Optical Transceiver Module

The 25G Ethernet technology adopted by 25G optical modules is a new Ethernet standard with multiple advantages. It was proposed by the IEEE802.3 working group in July 2014 and was fully revised in June 2016. 25G Ethernet technology can maximize the bandwidth and port density of the data center, and can achieve 100Gb data transmission through the single-channel physical layer technology of 25Gb/s. The IEEE802.3 working group specifies the interface standards of 25G Ethernet as follows:

Physical Layer

Interface Standard

Multimode Fiber


High-speed cable (copper wire)


High-speed cable (copper wire)


Electronic Backplane


Electronic Backplane




Classification and application of 25G optical transceiver modules

25G optical transceiver modules are mainly divided into SFP-25G-SR optical transceivers, SFP-25G-LR optical transceiver modules, SFP-25G-ER optical transceiver modules, 25G CPRI SFP28 ER Lite optical transceiver modules, 25G CPRI BIDI SFP28 optical transceivers, 25G CWDM SFP28 optical transceivers and 25G DWDM SFP28 optical transceivers.
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Types of 25G SFP28 Optical Transceiver

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