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Micro Air Blown Cable|GCYFTY Duct Fiber Optic Cable 144 Cores Single Mode G652D Jacket PE

The air-blown micro cable is ultra-lightweight and small in diameter and is designed for subway feeders or access networks. The air blown micro cable is blown into micro-channe by air blowing devices.                     


Micro Air Blown Cable|GCYFTY Duct Fiber Optic Cable 144 Cores Single Mode G652D Jacket PE

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GCYFTY Air Blown micro fiber optic cable is a technology that minimizes the size of optical cables and pipes by optimizing materials, processes and structures, and laying them by air-blowing method to maximize the use of pipe space. Air-blown fiber optic cable (GCYFTY) is a 250μm optical fiber sheathed in a loose tube made of high-modulus material, and the loose tube is filled with a waterproof compound. The center of the cable core is a non-metallic reinforcement core (FRP). The structure requires that the MDPE material cushion may be coated on the outer layer. The sleeve is twisted around the center reinforcement core to form a compact and round cable core, and the gap in the cable core is filled with resistance. Water filled, the outer sheath is extruded into HDPE and then formed into a cable.

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The Fiber Cores of GCYFTY Air Blown Fiber Cable is from 2 cores to 288 cores

Features of GCYFTY Fiber optic Cable

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The air-blown optical cable adopts a non-metallic structure design, which can effectively prevent radio frequency interference and electromagnetic wave interference. The structure design of the optical cable is particularly tight, which effectively prevents the sleeve from retracting. The loose tube material has good hydrolysis resistance and high strength. This kind of fiber optical cable is made of HDPE sheath to meet the air pressure strength during air blowing construction; complete cable core filling measures are used to ensure the waterproof performance of the optical fiber cable. Double-sided corrugated steel tape (PSP) improves the moisture resistance of the optical cable.

Applications of GCYFTY Fiber optic Cable

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GCYFTY fiber optic cable can be used as the drop cable of feeder segments in FTTH networks and can be laid by air blowing to connect the branch point with the access point for subscribers. The type optical fiber cable is also applicable in backbone networks, metropolitan area networks and access networks.

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Do you have certificate for raw material?

Yes, with qualified ISO9001, ROHS, UL raw material suppliers.

What is the cable structure for this duct fiber optic cable?

This duct fiber optical cable is usually in Stranded loose tube structure.

How many cores for the duct fiber optical cable?


What's the MOQ for duct fiber optic cable?

The MOQ of duct fiber optic cable is 2km.

Can you supply customized products and logo?

Yes, we supply OEM&ODM service, please feel free to contact us.


Jul 14, 2022

Very good service and quality.

The fiber cable was very easy to pull both indoor & outdoor. It's not stiff, went thru conduits nicely.

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