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Fiber Optic Patch Cord E2000APC-E2000UPC SM G652 G657 Simplex Corning Fiber 2.0mm LSZH

The E2000 fiber optic patch cord is available in both single mode and multimode versions, depending on the specific application requirements. It can be used to connect fiber optic devices such as switches, routers, and servers, as well as in fiber optic transmission systems.

Fiber Optic

Key Features:

lUltra-low insertion loss for maximum signal integrity.

lHigh return loss to minimize reflection and maintain signal quality.

lCompact and robust design, suitable for high-density installations.

lSingle mode and multimode options available to accommodate diverse network requirements.

lPrecision ceramic ferrule for accurate alignment and enhanced durability.

The Unique Push-Pull Mechanism

The E2000 fiber connector features a unique push-pull mechanism that sets it apart from other fiber optic connector types. This mechanism enables quick and effortless mating and demating of the E2000 fiber connector with compatible interfaces. By simply pushing or pulling the E2000 fiber connector, it easily locks into place or disengages, providing a secure and efficient connection process.


Fiber Optic Jumper for Connectivity Solutions

The E2000 fiber optic jumper finds wide application across various industries and network environments. Its superior performance makes it ideal for telecommunications, data centers, CATV, enterprise networks, and fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) deployments. Whether it's for high-speed internet connectivity, video streaming, or voice communications, the E2000 fiber jumper ensures reliable transmission with low insertion loss and high return loss.


Different outer sheath materials meet your different wiring requirements

The main difference between these materials is their fire-retardant properties, with LSZH offering the highest level of fire protection and OFNR being suitable for indoor riser applications. The choice of jacket depends on the environment where the fiber optic patch cord will be installed, the level of protection needed, and the specific requirements of the application.


Packing & Delivery


Can E2000 fiber optic jumpers be used for both SM and MM applications?

Yes, E2000 fiber optic jumpers are available for both SM and MM applications.

Can E2000 fiber optic jumpers be customized?

Yep, E2000 fiber optic jumpers comply with industry standards, ensuring their performance, reliability, and compatibility.

Are E2000 fiber optic jumpers environmentally friendly?

They are free from hazardous materials, making them a sustainable choice for network infrastructure.

How can I get a sample to check your quality?

If you need sample to test, please contact our sales team or email us sales@unitekfiber.com.

How do E2000 fiber optic jumpers ensure signal integrity?

E2000 fiber optic jumpers are designed to provide low insertion loss and high return loss, which helps maintain signal integrity during transmission.

Jul 05, 2023

The E2000 fiber optic jumper is suitable for our network. It delivers exceptional signal quality and the connectors are easy to plug in and remove.

I've tried various fiber optic jumpers, but the E2000 stands out.

The low insertion loss ensures clear and crisp video signals.

The customized allowed me to get the perfect length I needed for my setup.

So far so good. The feel and look of the fiber jumper is perfect.

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