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New Designed Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable ASU Aerial Non-armored Mini ADSS Fiber Cable 2~24core PE

Compared with the stranded ADSS fiber optic cable, ASU fiber optic cable can not only save the use of imported aramid yarn, but also reduce the manufacturing cost due to the reduction of the overall structure size. Compared with the common 150meters span of 24cores ADSS fiber optic cable , the price of the ASU fiber optic cable with same specification can be reduced by 20% or more.



New Designed Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable ASU Aerial Non-armored Mini ADSS Fiber Cable 2~24core PE

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The ASU fiber optic cable is covered with a single PE outer sheath. Aerial Self-Supported ASU Fiber Optic Cable has a loose tube structure and water-resistant gel compound to provide crucial protection for the fiber. Over the tube, water-blocking material is applied to keep the cable watertight. Two parallel fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) elements are placed on the two sides.

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The fiber cores of ASU Fiber Cable is from 2 cores to 24 cores. The main idea of the aerial fiber optic cable  design is to use two rigid FRP and a single loose tube to mix and twist, and the three-in-one steady-state twisting unit includes both tensile elements and optical units. Due to the existence of a certain pitch when twisting, the bendability of the aerial cable is ensured.

Features of ASU Fiber optic Cable

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ASU fiber optic cable adopt proven all-dielectric loose tube construction. This fiber optic cable adopt round cable profiles minimize wind and ice loading. The ASU Fiber optic cable is stable and compact in structure, and also has excellent performance in other performances such as crushing, impact, and torsion, and conforms to the existing technical standards for outdoor overhead optical cables. All Dielectric Self Supporting Cable adopts all-dielectric structure design, which can avoid potential safety hazards caused by power lines or lightning.

Applications of ASU Fiber optic Cable

AUS Aerial fiber optic cable is covered with a single PE outer sheath. It is especially suitable for installation in aerial for short-distance communication. The pole span no more than 120m. ASU Aerial Cable with small span is an important part of the distribution line, ASU optical cables are erected on the original towers of power lines, and have become the first choice of special optical cables for power system networking.

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What is ADSS fiber optic cable?

All-dielectric self-supporting (ADSS) cable is a type of optical fiber cable that is strong enough to support itself between structures without using conductive metal elements.

How about the pole span for ADSS fiber optic cable?

UnitekFiber can supply ADSS fiber optic cable with 100-800 meter pole span.

Why does fiber optic cable need all-dielectric material?

Dielectric means it has non-conducting properties of a non-metallic, insulating material that resists the passage of electric current.

Can ADSS be installed underground?

ADSS cables should be placed in Aerial and duct, but can not be direct-buried.


Jul 13, 2022

Very good service and quality.

The fiber cable was very easy to pull both indoor & outdoor. It's not stiff, went thru conduits nicely.

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