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Aerial Fiber Optic Cable|GYTA Aerial Cable 8 Core SM G652D Aluminum Layer Stranded PE Jacket

GYTA fiber optic cable is suitable for long-distance communication and local area network installation, especially for occasions with high requirements on moisture resistance. GYTA is a compact stranded loose tube fiber cable. It is made of hydrolysis-resistant high-strength loose tube and strong polyethylene outer jacket. GYTA fiber optic cable has good mechanical and temperature properties. It is available in 2 cores to 144 cores.


Aerial Fiber Optic Cable|GYTA Aerial Cable 8 Core SM G652D Aluminum Layer Stranded PE Jacket

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GYTA fiber optic cable is constructed with 250 micron fibers packed into a loose casing made of high-modulus material, filled with a waterproof compound. The center of the cable core is a metal reinforced core, for some fiber optic cable core number, metal reinforced core outside also need to squeeze a layer of polyethylene (PE). Loose casing (and filling rope) is twisted around the center stiffener to form a compact and round cable core, with gaps in the core filled to block water filler.APL coated aluminum strip (APL) longitudinally wrapped and extruded polyethylene sheathed cable. The fiber cores of GYTA fiber cable is from 2 cores to 288 cores

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Features of GYTA Fiber optic Cable

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GYTA (metal strengthening member, loose tube stranded and filled, aluminum-polyethylene bonded sheathed outdoor aerial optical cable for communication) The structure of the aerial fiber cable is to sheath single-mode or multi-mode optical fiber into the inner filling made of high modulus plastic Waterproof compound in loose tube. The center of the cable core is a metal reinforced core. For some fiber optic cables, the metal reinforced core is also extruded with a layer of polyethylene (PE). The loose tube (and filling rope) is twisted around the central reinforcing core to form a compact and circular cable core, and the gaps in the cable core are filled with water blocking compounds. The aluminum-plastic composite tape is longitudinally wrapped and then extruded with a polyethylene sheath.

Applications of GYTA Fiber optic Cable

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GYTA optical cable is used for duct or aerial fields. These aluminum tape armored cables are suitable for installation for long haul communication and LANs, especially suitable for high requirements of moisture resistance environment.

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Can you supply OEM products under our brand?

Yes, we are manufacturer, we accept OEM service, we can print your LOGO on fiber cable and fiber cable drums.

How many types of Aerial fiber optic cable you can provide?

The Figure 8 fiber optic cable, GYXTW fiber optic cable, ADSS cable are all strong outdoor fiber cables for Aerial Application.

Can your fiber optic cable be bent without damaging the fiber?

Our fiber cable can be bent with diameters of 2.5cm or less.

What are the main products in your company?

We provides fiber optic cables, ADSS Fiber optic cable, Aerial fiber optic cable of GYTA, GYTC8S, GYFTY, GYTS, underground fiber cable, and so on.

Where is the aerial fiber optic cable used?

Mostly used in Local Area Network (LANs), high density data center, FTTH Telecommunication.

If the high temperature will damage the aerial fiber optic cable?

Don't worry, the aerial fiber optic cable can handles the most challenging telecommunications data transmission requests.


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