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Indoor|Outdoor Fiber Optic Drop Cable 4.8mm G657 1 2 Core Double Jacket Rated FR LSZH Black

Indoor|Outdoor Fiber Optic Drop Cable is double jacket 4.8mm outdoor aerial drop fiber Cable. The structure of this fiber optic drop cable is a high flame retardant LSZH double sheath sheathed with a 900μm tight buffered fiber with a buffer layer. The fiber count is 2 cores with ITU-T- G652D, G657A fiber and G657B fiber etc. And the Kevlar yarn is requested as reinforcement to enhance tensile resistant.



Indoor|Outdoor Fiber Optic Drop Cable 4.8mm G657 1 2 Core Double Jacket Rated FR LSZH Black


lFiber type: ITU-T- G652D, G657A fiber, G657B fiber

lIt has good mechanical and environmental performance

lFlame (or not flame retardant) performance to meet the requirements of the standard

lMechanical and physical properties of the sheath to meet the relevant standards Soft, flexible and convenient

lSmall size and light weight, easy for installation

lLSZH sheath ensuring good flame-retardant performance

lEspecially applicable to vertical wiring in buildings


lThis fiber cable is applied in Duct, Aerial FTTx, Access installations.

lUsed as access building cable in premises distribution system, especially used in indoor or outdoor aerial access cabling.

lAdopted to core network;

laccess network, fiber to the home;

lFor optical communication equipment room, optical distribution frame optical connection

lFor pigtails and jumpers

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How to terminate the FTTH Drop cable?

This cable can work with single mode or multimode LC/SC fast connectors and also can be pre-terminated by LC/SC/ST/FC connectors.

Does FTTH Drop Cable work with singlemode upc 9-125 micro fiber?

Yes, the optical fiber usually is single mode (9/125) G657. It is also can be G652D. You can use cold splicing tool to add fast connectors LC/SC/ST/FC(UPC/APC) to it.

Do any LC fast connectors work with FTTH drop cable?

Yes, UnitekFiber can provide LC fast connectors to terminate FTTH drop cable.

What is the main application for FTTH drop cable?

The main application for FTTH drop cable is Fiber to The Home project.

Is FTTH drop cable suitable for outdoor runs?

Yes, it is suitable for outdoor application with 70meters pole span.

What is the strength members for FTTH drop cable?

The strength member for FTTH drop cable can be FRP or steel wire.

What is the function of FRP?

FRP is a Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastic material that has the strength of steel at the fraction of the weight, the FRP makes cable strong tension and anti-bend advantages.


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Great fiber. Keep me regular. Worked as intended.

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