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Optical Transceiver Module | SM QSFP28 100G Optical Module 80km 1295/1310nm Wavelength

The 100G QSFP28 ZR4 optical transceiver fully complies with the QSFP28 transceiver module industry standard and related MSA described in the latest SFF-8665/8636, and digital diagnostic functions are available through the I2C interface. It also complies with IEEE 802.3 100GBASE-ZR4 related specifications.


Optical Transceiver Module | SM QSFP28 100G Optical Module 80km 1295/1310nm Wavelength


lCompliant with 100GBASE-ZR4

lSupport line rates from 103.125 Gb/s to 111.81 Gb/s OTU4

lLAN WDM EML laser and PIN receiver with SOA

lUp to 80km reach for G.652 SMF

lHot pluggable 38 pin electrical interface

lQSFP28 MSA compliant

lDuplex LC optical receptacle

lRoHS-10 compliant and lead-free

lSingle +3.3V power supply

lMaximum power consumption 6.5W

lCase operating temperature:-40 ~ +85℃


l100GBASE-ZR4 Ethernet Links

lInfiniband QDR and DDR interconnects

lClient-side 100G Telecom connections

Network Connectivity

QSFP28 ZR4 optical transceiver is packaged in QSFP28 transceiver module with small size and low power consumption, which can provide point-to-point solutions in data centers without deploying legacy CFP/CFP2 interfaces, and can run on point-to-point links up to 80km without optical amplification and Dispersion compensation.

QSFP28 ZR4 optical transceiver

Competibale with all your Switch and 100% Tested in Host Devices

Switch and 100% Tested in Host Devices

High Quality 400G/200G/100G/40G Optical Transceivers, Build Your Fiber Optical Networks Faster, Bigger and Sooner

In the face of the explosive growth of data services, the demand for big data transmission in the backbone network is rapidly rising, and the construction of 100G is started by mainstream operators around the world. The 100G data center solution is usually a 100G switch with a 100G QSFP28 optical transceiver module and MTP/MPO fiber jumper.

Build Your Fiber Optical Networks Faster

According to different transmission rates, optical transceiver module can be divided into 1G optical transceiver module, 10G optical transceiver module, 25G optical transceiver module, 40G optical transceiver module, 100G optical transceiver module and 400G optical transceiver module.


Can you accept OEM/ODM transceiver module order?

Yes, please send inquiry to us or email us sales@unitekfiber.com.

What is a QSFP28 Optic Transceiver Module?

QSFP28 is a hot-pluggable transceiver module designed for 100G data rate.

What are the main application scenarios of 100G optical modules?

100G connectivity for switches and routers in the data center.

What is the farthest transmission distance of a 100G optical module?

QSFP28-ZR4 100G optical transceiver module can transmit 80KM

What connection ports do 100G optical modules have?

Usually, QSFP28 100G optical modules have MPO port and LC port.

Mar 16, 2023

Thank you for following up. We have received modules. Your website and service is excellent. Thanks.

Work as planned. Good quality product with reasonable price.

Good quality product. prompt & friendly service by the Sales Team and Technical Support Team.

we received your modules and put them into use already. They work flawlessly so far. In our rack it is nice and cozy – they will be in good hands. :-)

Goods arrived in perfect condition and in the time frame allotted.

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