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Supply All-dielectric Aerial ADSS Fiber Optic Cable 144 Cores Single Mode G652D Double Jacket PE Long Span

ADSS optical cable has the following advantages: reasonable design method to ensure the safety factor of optical cable; high quality material to ensure the quality of optical cable is unchanged for 30 years.


Supply All-dielectric Aerial ADSS Fiber Optic Cable 144 Cores Single Mode G652D Double Jacket PE Lon

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The structure of double jacket ADSS fiber cable has an extra layer of jacket, which improved compressive strength, it also be in a stranded structure design, the inner optical fibers and water-blocking grease are added into the fiber loose tube, and different loose tubes are wound around the central reinforcement (usually FRP). ADSS cables with this structure are better to be deployed for large span applications. The rest parts are basically similar to the central tube structure. This type is able to obtain longer fiber lengths.

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The Fiber Cores of ADSS Fiber Cable is 2-288Cores

Features of ADSS Fiber optic Cable

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ADSS optical cable uses all-dielectric material because the optical cable is in a high voltage and strong electric environment and must be able to withstand the influence of strong electricity. ADSS Fiber optic cable is All-dielectric self-supporting wire, without any metal for avoid lightning strike. It is very convenient line installation and maintenance. Aramid Yarn is a important part for fiber optical cable for tensile resistance. Since it is used overhead on the power tower, there must be a matching pendant to fix the optical cable on the tower.

Applications of ADSS Fiber optic Cable

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This ADSS fiber optic cable type is aimed to be used for voice, data, broadband and CATV transmission in Long Distance, Backbone and Local Area Networks with Aerial installation method. The special design of ADSS fiber cable suitable for installation on Power Transmission Lines and nearby Power Utilities.

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Can you supply OEM products under our brand?

Yes, we are manufacturer, we accept OEM service, we can print your LOGO on fiber cable and fiber cable drums.

How many types of Aerial fiber optic cable you can provide?

The Figure 8 fiber optic cable, GYXTW fiber optic cable, ADSS cable are all strong outdoor fiber cables for Aerial Application.

Can your fiber optic cable be bent without damaging the fiber?

Our fiber cable can be bent with diameters of 2.5cm or less.

What are the main products in your company?

We provides fiber optic cables, ADSS Fiber optic cable, Aerial fiber optic cable of GYTA, GYTC8S, GYFTY, GYTS, underground fiber cable and so on.

Where is the aerial fiber optic cable used?

Mostly used in Local Area Network (LANs), high density data center, FTTH Telecommunication.

If the high temperature will damage the aerial fiber optic cable?

Don't worry, the aerial fiber optic cable can handles the most challenging telecommunications data transmission requests.


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