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AOC 100G QSFP28 to QSFP28 Active Optical Cable OM3 5M

UnitekFiber 100G QSFP28 active optical cable includes QSFP28 to QSFP28 AOC, QSFP28 to 4*SFP28 AOC, conforms to MSA QSFP28, IEEE802.3, SFF-8431 and other standard protocols; it has the characteristics of low power consumption, small size and high speed, which is beneficial to the increase of data center Capacity, increase port density and reduce power consumption. Mainly used in Ethernet, data center internal network, data center interconnection and other environments

Fiber Optic

AOC 100G QSFP28 to QSFP28 Active Optical Cable OM3 5M


l40Gb/s active optical cable up to 100m OM2 MMF

l850nm VCSEL and PIN receiver

lSingle 3.3V power supply

lOperating Case Temperature: -5~75℃

lHot pluggable

lLow Power Consumption

lLight weight

lSmall Bend Radius

lDigital Diagnostic Monitor(DDM)

lAll-metal Housing for Superior EMI Performance



lLow-latency and high-speed interconnections for high performance computing(HPC)

l40G Ethernet SR4

lOther high-throughput data transmission network

lStorage area Network(SAN)

AOC 100G QSFP28 to QSFP28 Active Optical Cable OM3 5M


Cisco, Juniper, H3C, Huawei, Alcatel, Allied Telesis, Zyxel, Brocade, Mikrotik, Extreme, Blade, D-linnk Netgear, Finisar, ZTE, Linksys, SMC, Ruijie, Avaya, 3com, Enterasys, Redeback, Planet etc.

Packaging and Shipping

AOC 100G QSFP28 to QSFP28 Active Optical Cable OM3 5M


AOC 100G QSFP28 to QSFP28 Active Optical Cable OM3 5M

What is an active optical cable(AOC)?

Active Optical Cables (AOC) are optical fiber cables with fiber optic transceivers installed at both ends. The main components are divided into two parts: optical circuit and circuit.

Can active optical cables(AOC) be used in high-density data centers?

Yes. As a main transmission medium for high-performance computers and data centers, active optical cables(AOC) ensure the stability of transportation and flexibility of application, and are more common in high-density applications.

What fields are active optical cables(AOC) used in?

In laboratories and teaching centers, (AOC) active optical cables connect multiple machines to the host, which not only ensures high-speed data transmission but also ensures network security.

Can the 10G SFP in the AOC(active optical cable) be able to connect optical communication equipment?

Both data centers and cloud computing systems require higher bandwidth and lower power. 10G SFP+ in AOC (active optical cables) can well connect devices (switches, routers) with high-speed optical communication ports.

Can AOC active optical cables be used in large-scale outdoor interactive games?

Digital signage is a good place for AOC active optical cables to show their talents, which can support 1080p resolution in an outdoor HDMI environment.

What are the advantages of AOC active optical cable?

AOC(Active optical) cables are more and more widely used in high-density data centers due to the advantages of long transmission distance, fast transmission rate and convenient use. UnitekFiber supplies various types of active optical cables with high stability and reliability.

Aug 08, 2022

Economical, arrived fast, tested out with good numbers after installation. Stripping and polishing was normal.

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