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Breakout Fiber Pigtail 12Fibers LC SM G652D G657A1 3M Corning OFNR Bulk Fiber Optic Distribution Pigtail

Fiber optic pigtail is a kind of optical cable terminated with an fiber  optic connector on one end and unterminated fiber on the other. Therefore the end with a connector can be linked to the equipment while the other side is melted together with another optical fiber cable. In fact, fiber optical pigtail can be considered as fiber optical  cable since they are similar in structure, and a fiber cable can be divided into two pigtails. Fiber pigtail assembly has various different interfaces and couplers. Common fiber pigtails are usually with 0.9mm fiber cable diameter, and installed inside ODF unit.

Fiber Optic

Breakout Fiber Pigtail 12Fibers LC SM G652D G657A1 3M Corning OFNR Bulk Fiber Optic Distribution Pig

FC Fiber Optical Cable Pigtail Fanout drawing


LC Fiber Optical Cable Pigtail Fanout drawing


SC Fiber Optical Cable Pigtail Fanout drawing


ST Fiber Optical Cable Pigtail Fanout drawing


12 Fiber Optical Cable Pigtails by Unitekfiber are contained with a 0.88mm thick buffer with a 4.5mm diameter complete with Kevlar for additional protection. Each 12 single mode fiber Pigtail comes pre-terminated with LC, LC/APC, SC, SC/APC, ST, and FC/APC fiber optic connectors. Core and cladding combinations range from 62.5/125µm, 50/125µm, and 9/125µm for OM1, OM2/OM3/OM4, and OS2 fiber specifications. 12 Fiber Optic pigtails come in lengths of 1, 2, or 3 meters with additional longer with available upon special request.


Fiber pigtails are a great solution for fusion splicing inside of a fiber optic enclosure. Fiber optic pigtails are a tight buffered fiber cable with a connector pre-terminated on one end and exposed fiber on the other. The end is stripped and can be fusion spliced to a single or multi-fiber trunk. When utilized properly, the fiber optic pigtail allows light signal transmission with minimal return loss and low attenuation. These pigtails come with a partial outer jacket protecting the tight buffers from damage. When installed in high density applications, the outer jacket can be removed to allow for a tighter bend radius. The pre-terminated fiber reduces installation time and ensures accuracy. This optical fiber pigtail has 12 LC-UPC connectors ready to be plugged into an adapter panel.


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