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How to Make the Transceiver Module Meet the Industrial Temperature Standard?
Mar 23,2023 43 Comments
As one of the most important parameters of the optical transceiver modules, the working temperature can affect other parameters of the optical transceiver modules. When the ambient temperature of the ...
How to Interconnect Optical Modules of Different Brands?
Mar 23,2023 42 Comments
A large data center can often accommodate hundreds or even thousands of fiber optic switches, and it is usually necessary to connect switches of different brands. For example, you need to interconnect...
Common Causes of Optical Transceiver Module Damage
Mar 23,2023 42 Comments
1. Analysis of common causes of optical transceiver module damage.The pollution and damage of the optical interface cause the loss of the optical link to increase, resulting in the failure of the opti...
What is the difference between ADSS fiber cable and OPGW fiber cable?
Mar 23,2023 35 Comments
In the communication industry, both ADSS fiber cable and OPGW fiber cable have been fully used. Both need to be able to be used for a long time, so the quality of the fiber cable material needs to be ...
What are the maintenance work of fiber optic cable?
Mar 23,2023 32 Comments
Due to the different laying methods of communication fiber optic cable, the specific fiber optic cable maintenance work is also different, but most of them can be maintained for technical fiber optic ...
The cause analysis of optical fiber cable line faults
Mar 23,2023 41 Comments
The causes of optical fiber cable line failure can be roughly divided into four categories: external factors, natural disasters, optical fiber cable defects, and human factors.1. The optical fiber cab...
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