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Indoor Fiber Optic Cable FTTH Drop GJXH Optical Fiber SM 1 2 4 6 Core G.652D G657A1 LSZH White Black

GJXH Indoor Fiber Optic cable is commonly known as indoor drop fiber optic cable. With the optical fiber access market showing a good development, FTTH optical fiber access has become a hot spot in the field of optical communications. But regarding the single-core and multi-core characteristics of the covered cable.

During laying application of the fiber optic FTTH drop cable, manual traction is generally used. The traction force should not exceed 80% of the allowable tension of the fiber optic FTTH drop cable. The momentary large traction force shall not exceed 100N. The main traction should be added to the strength of the FTTH drop cable. 


Fiber Optic

Indoor Fiber Optic Cable FTTH Drop GJXH Optical Fiber SM 1 2 4 6 Core G.652D G657A1 LSZH White Black

FTTH Cable Price

FTTH (Fiber to the home) drop cable, the outer skin is generally black and white, the diameter is relatively small, and the flexibility is good; the cross section is 8-shaped, the reinforcing member is located at the center of the two circles, and the metal or non-metal structure can be used, and the optical fiber is located at the geometric center of the 8-shaped shape. The fiber inside the cable is mostly G.657A2 small bending radius fiber, which can be laid at a bending radius of 20mm.

FTTH Drop Cable Price

The Fiber Cores of FTTH drop cable is from 2 cores to 6 cores

Features of FTTH drop cable

Fiber FTTH


FTTH drop cable is use special low-bend-sensitivity fiber provides high bandwidth and excellent communication transmission property. Two parallel FRP strength members ensure good performance of crush resistance to protect the fiber. Simple structure, light weight and high practicability. Novel flute design, easily strip and splice, simplify the installation and maintenance.Low smoke, zero halogen and flame retardant sheath.

Applications of FTTH drop cable

FTTH Fiber Optic

FTTH outdoor drop cable is a new type of fiber-optic cable. It is a butterfly-shaped cable. Because it is small in size and light in weight, it is suitable for the application of Fiber to the Home. It can be cut according to the distance of the site, increased the efficiency of construction. The unique 8-shaped structure of the drop cable can realize the field end in the shortest time.

Professional Assistant For FTTH Outdoor Drop Cabling System

FTTH Fiber to the Home

Packaging & Shipping

12-24 fibers Outdoor FTTH Drop Cable Steel Wire&FRP Packaging & Shipping

12-24 fibers Outdoor FTTH Drop Cable Steel Wire&FRP Packaging & Shipping


How to terminate the FTTH Drop cable?

This cable can work with single mode or multimode LC/SC fast connectors and also can be pre-terminated by LC/SC/ST/FC connectors.

Does FTTH Drop Cable work with singlemode upc 9/125 micro fiber?

Yes, the optical fiber usually is single mode (9/125) G657. It is also can be G652D. You can use cold splicing tool to add fast connectors LC/SC/ST/FC(UPC/APC) to it.

Do any LC fast connectors work with FTTH drop cable?

Yes, UnitekFiber can provide LC fast connectors to terminate FTTH drop cable.

What is the main application for FTTH drop cable?

The main application for FTTH drop cable is Fiber to The Home project.

Is FTTH drop cable suitable for outdoor runs?

Yes, it is suitable for outdoor application with 70meters pole span.

What is the strength members for FTTH drop cable?

The strength member for FTTH drop cable can be FRP or steel wire.

What is the function of FRP?

FRP is a Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastic material that has the strength of steel at the fraction of the weight, the FRP makes cable strong tension and anti-bend advantages.


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