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Fiber Optical Connector


Introduction of Fiber Optical Connector

Since the beginning of the previous year, Gigabit Ethernet based on fiber optic cable has developed very rapidly. Most of the backbone networks in the LAN use fiber-optic cable-based Gigabit Ethernet. New changes have also taken place in the cable link connection used in the Gigabit network cable link.

Types of Fiber Optical Connector

Exploring the Importance of Fiber Optical Connectors

Fiber optical connectors are essential components used to link fiber optic cables together. They provide a secure connection that allows optical signals to travel through the cable without any interruptions or loss of data. To cater to diverse applications, different types of fiber optical connectors have been developed to fulfill specific requirements in various applications. Selecting the appropriate fiber optical connector type for a specific purpose is crucial to achieve optimal performance of both the fiber optic cables and the connected devices.

Diverse Options for Fiber Optical Connectors

As fiber optic technology is increasingly used in various electronic and communication systems, there are many types of fiber optical connectors, such as LC/SC/MTP/MPO/ST/FC fiber optic connectors. These fiber optical connectors are widely used in Internet, LAN, CATV and other telecommunications, etc.

SC Connector: The Square Connector(SC) is widely used in data communication and telecommunication applications. SC connector features a push-pull mechanism and a ceramic ferrule for accurate alignment.

LC Connector: The Lucent Connector (LC) is popular in high-density environments due to its small form factor. LC connector utilizes a push-pull mechanism and a ceramic ferrule with a 1.25mm diameter.

ST Connector: The Straight Tip (ST) fiber optical connector is commonly found in networking applications. ST connector uses a bayonet-style coupling mechanism and a ceramic or metal ferrule.

FC Connector: The Ferrule Connector (FC) is primarily used in single mode fiber applications and high-precision instrumentation. FC connector features a threaded coupling mechanism and a ceramic ferrule.

MPO/MTP Connector: The MPO/MTP connector is designed for high-density connections and is frequently used in data centers and backbone networks. MPO/MTP connector can accommodate multiple fibers in a single connector.

As a professional manufacturer of fiber optic products, in addition to the FC, SC, ST, LC and MPO/MTP fiber optic connectors mentioned above, we also provide such as E2000, MT-RJ, FTTA outdoor fiber optical connector, etc. We are happy to support you and establish business cooperation with you. If you have any questions, please contact us by email at sales@UnitekFiber.com.

FTTA Outdoor Fiber Optical Connector

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