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Mirco Air Blown Fiber Optic Cable GCYFXTY Central Loose Tube Micro 2-24 Cores SM MM PE

Central Loose Air blown fiber optic cables are two structures. One is a air-blowing smooth micro-cable and the other is a air-blowing micro-grooved micro-cable. The structure of micro Air blown fiber optic cable is completely different from that of the conventional fiber cables.                     

Fiber Optic

Mirco Air Blown Fiber Optic Cable GCYFXTY Central Loose Tube Micro 2-24 Cores SM MM PE

The outer sheath is made of high-density polyethylene material. Loose tube and non-metallic reinforcements have tensile, side pressure and moisture resistance. The tube filled fiber paste has the properties of sealing waterproof, anti-stress buffering, and protecting the light solder. The fiber bundle uses a full chromatographic identification fiber, and each of the 12 fibers is bundled with colored tying yarn. The optical properties, geometrical characteristics and mechanical properties of the optical fiber are the same as those of the conventional optical cable currently used. Specifically, the user selects different types of optical fibers such as G.652 or G.655 according to the requirements of the transmission line.



lLAN communication FTTx

lSuitable for air-blowing installation

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Air Blown Fiber Optic Cable


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Why does fiber optic cable called Air blowing micro fiber optic cable?

Because air Blown Mini Cable (MINI) is small size, light weight, enhanced surface outer sheath fiber unit designed for blowing into micro tube bundles by air flow.

Where is air blowing micro fiber optic cable application for?

The Air Blowing Micro fiber Optic Cable is applicable in backbone networks, metropolitan area networks and access networks.

Does cable consist of micro-tubes and micro-cables?

Yes, the air blown fiber cable is composed of a combination of micro tubes (bundles), optical fibers (bundles), and blowing fiber devices.

Air blowing fiber cable can be used in FTTH networks?

Air blowing fiber cable can be used as the drop cable of distribution segments in FTTH networks and can be laid by air blowing to connect the branch point with the access point for subscribers.

How about the quality of Air blowing micro cable?

We provide a wide range of good quality cables from 2–144 fibers with a variety of designs to meet the demands of most installation conditions.


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