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MPO/MTP Patch PanelHigh Density 1U 144 Core 19 Inch Rack Mount ODF Fiber Loaded MPO LC SC Cassettes

The 1U 19 inch rack mount MTP/MPO patch panel with 144 cores, a versatile solution for efficient optical fiber cable management. This compact fiber patch panel is designed to accommodate MPO/MTP module cassettes, providing seamless organization for your networking needs. With its high density capability, this MPO/MTP patch panel enables the consolidation of multiple fiber management into a single, space-saving unit. Whether you are building a data center, telecommunications network or any application that requires powerful optical fiber cable management, we UnitekFiber manufactures MPO/MTP patch panels can be meet your needs.


MPO/MTP Patch Panel|High Density 1U 144 Core 19 Inch Rack Mount ODF Fiber Loaded MPO LC SC Cassettes

Characteristics of the Rack Mount MTP/MPO Patch Panel

1. High density wiring application condition

2. Standard 19''

3. High density, 1U 144 fibers

4. Dual sliding rails design, easily installed

5. Light weight ABS MPO module box

6. Sprayed surface treatment process

7. Customizable color and LOGO

What is MTP/MPO module Cassette?

The MTP/MPO module cassette is an enclosed unit that usually include fiber optic connectors such as SC fiber optic connector and LC connector plugged into fiber optic adapters on the front side of the MTP/MPO module cassette and MPO/MTP connector plugged into the rear. Using MTP/MPO fiber cassette ensures adaptability for the ever-changing data center and network environment. When requirements for fiber optic connectors change in the future, all you have to do is simply swap out the MTP/MPO fiber cassette all while leaving the existing backbone infrastructure intact.

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Durable Construction of MTP/MPO Patch Panel

The MPO/MTP patch panels manufactured by Unitekfiber use a cold rolling process, which compresses the metal to make it denser and more wear-resistant. We also conduct rigorous testing procedures on MPO/MTP patch panels to ensure their structural integrity. These tests include load-bearing evaluations, temperature cycling and impact resistance evaluations, among others. By meeting industry standards and undergoing such testing, you can be confident that MPO/MTP patch panels will maintain their robustness over time.

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Boost Network Efficiency with High-Density MTP/MPO Patch Panels

The MPO/MTP patch panel find use in data centers, telecommunications networks and cloud computing. In data centers, high-density MTP/MPO patch panel can accommodate large-scale data transmission, reduce latency, and minimize fiber optic cable clutter. In telecommunications networks, these MTP/MPO patch panel enable optical fiber cable management across multiple locations while maintaining network performance and reliability. In cloud computing, these MTP/MPO patch panel support high-bandwidth applications, enabling scalable infrastructure, while in video surveillance systems, MTP/MPO patch panel help monitor security. In conclusion, high-density MTP/MPO patch panel offer a powerful solution for enhancing network connectivity with improved efficiency, scalability, and reliability.

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What is the purpose of a MTP/MPO patch panel?

The MTP/MPO patch panel acts as a centralized termination point for fiber patch cable and provides a secure and organized interface for connecting and managing high-density fiber optic management.

What is the capacity of this MTP/MPO patch panel?

This type of MTP/MPO patch panel has a capacity of 144 optical fibers.

Can I mix single mode and multimode optical fibers in a MTP/MPO patch panel?

Yes, you can mix different optical fiber types in the MTP/MPO patch panel.

How can I get a sample to check your quality?

If you need sample to test, please contact our sales team or email us sales@unitekfiber.com.

How do I manage the cable routing in a MTP/MPO patch panel?

Optical cable management accessories such as optical cable ties, or fiber splicing trays are commonly used to organize and route the fiber patch cord within the rack.

The high-density MPO/MTP patch panel is a reliable solution that handles our high-speed data traffic effortlessly.

The fiber optic ODF organized and neat design has not only improved aesthetics but also made troubleshooting easier.

The MPO/MTP patch panel's performance is outstanding. It ensures reliable and stable connections, resulting in uninterrupted network operations.

The high-density MPO/MTP patch panel has simplified our cable management tasks.

The fiber optic ODF structured layout and labeling system make it easy to identify and troubleshoot any connectivity issues.

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