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Anti-rodent Fiber Optic Cable

Anti-rodent Fiber Optic Cable

UnitekFiber as one of the professional fibre optic cable suppliers, we produce high quality anti-rodent fiber optic cable, which is made of a sturdy material and has a special structure to protecting the fiber optic cable, and prevents communication interruption caused by fiber damage in the cable. Our anti-rodent fiber cables are steel tape armored optical fiber cables, Aluminum armored optical fiber cables, and  glass yarn fiber optic cables.

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Types of Anti-rodent Fiber Optic Cable

What is Anti-rodent Fiber Optic Cable

Anti-rodent fiber optic cable refers to a type of fiber optic cable specifically designed to prevent damage caused by rodents, such as rats and mice. These fiber optic cable often feature a protective layer made of steel or other materials resistant to rodent damage. Some fiber optic cable may also incorporate chemical repellents that discourage rodents from approaching or chewing on the fiber optic cable.

Anti-rodent Methods for Fiber Optic Cable

1. Metal Armored Protection:

Metal armored protection provide physical reinforcement and resistance against rodent gnawing. The most common metals used for armored fiber optic cable are steel and aluminum.

Steel armored optical cables: These armored optical cables are surrounded by a layer of steel tape, such as GYTS, GYXTW53 fiber optic cable. Steel straps provide excellent protection against rodent bites and damage to fiber optic cables

Steel Armored Optical Cables

Aluminum armored optical cables: Such as GYTA, GYTA33, and GYTA53 fiber optic cables. By incorporating aluminum armor, these fiber optic cables are able to maintain a high level of protection and against rodent damage while reducing overall weight compared to traditional steel armored fiber optic cables.

Aluminum Armored Optical Cables

2. Non-Metal Armored Protection:

Non-metal armored protection methods utilize non-metallic materials to reinforce the fiber optic cable and protect against rodent gnawing. A highly effective protection method is the use of glass yarn in fiber optic cable. This reinforcement is the most widespread protective measure. When rodents chew on the glass yarn, tiny shards of fiberglass break off and burrow into the chewing rodent's skin. This will stimulate rodents and ensure they stop chewing.

Fiber Optic Cable

These anti-rodent fiber optic cable offer reliable signal transmission, require minimal maintenance, and have a longer lifespan, making them a cost-effective solution for various communication infrastructures.

UnitekFiber is a professional fiber optic cable manufacturers, we produce anti-rodent fiber optic cable, indoor fiber cables, figure 8 fiber cables and direct buried fiber optic cables etc. Please contact sales@unitekfiber.com for competitive pricing.

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