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Active Optical Cable (AOC)

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 Active Optical Cable(AOC)

In the data age, there are more and more high-density and high-bandwidth applications. At this time, passive optical cables or copper-based cable systems appear to be stretched. In order to ensure the stability of transmission and flexible application, users urgently demand a new product as the main transmission medium for high-performance computing and data centers. Under this situation, active optical cable products have emerged at the historic moment. With the irreversible trend of "optical advancement and copper retreat", the future will be the age of "all-optical networks", and active optical cable technology will penetrate into every corner of the high-speed interconnection market.

Types of Active Optical Cable (AOC)

As data rates rise and data center clusters grow in size, copper cable technology is getting stretched to its limits. Active optical cable (AOC) assemblies were invented to replace copper technology in data centers and high performance computing applications in virtue of its stability and flexibility. AOC uses electrical-to-optical conversion on the optical cable ends to improve speed and distance performance of the optical cable without sacrificing compatibility with standard electrical interfaces. In the era of the optical network, AOC captures a major chunk of high-speed optical inter-connectivity market on a global level.

What is Active Optical Cable(AOC)

Active optical cable (AOC) can be defined as an optical fiber jumper cable terminated with optical transceivers on both ends. AOC is designed to provide a reliable and efficient solution for high-bandwidth connectivity in various applications, including data centers, networking infrastructure, and consumer electronics.

Unlike traditional copper cables, which rely on electrical signals for data transmission, AOC utilize optical fibers to transmit data using light signals. These optical fibers are integrated into the optical cable assembly along with active components such as laser diodes, photodiodes, and control circuitry. The active components convert electrical signals into optical signals for transmission and then back to electrical signals at the receiving end.

AOC come in various form factors, such as QSFP, SFP, and HDMI. These form factors cater to different connectivity requirements and are widely used in applications such as high-speed data networking, storage area networks (SANs), video streaming, and computer-to-monitor connections.


Advantages of Active Optical Cable(AOC)

Traditional data center interconnection is mainly based on coaxial cables. AOC active optical cables have many significant advantages over interconnected copper cables. For example, the transmission power on the system link is lower, the weight is only a quarter of the directly connected copper cable, the volume is about half that of the copper cable, and it has better air flow and heat dissipation in the wiring system of the computer room. The fold radius is smaller than that of copper cables, and the transmission distance is longer (100 to 300 meters). The bit error rate of the product transmission performance is also better. Compared with the optical transceiver module, the AOC active optical cable has no exposed optical interface, does not need to consider the problems of pollution on the optical interface. Thus, it greatly improves system stability and reliability, and reduces maintenance costs in the equipment room.

AOC Active Optical Cable

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