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Duct Fiber Optical Cable

Duct Fiber Optic Cable

Fibre optic cables must be rigid yet flexible enough to be installed into duct systems. UnitekFiber as a professional fiber optic cable manufacturer, a range of fiber optic cables including duct fiber cables. Our duct fiber optic cables are metallic and dielectric cables. The number of fibers is from 2 to 288 fibers. The duct fiber optic cable is with aluminum foil as the moisture barrier layer, aramid, and Kevlar is for tensile strength support. Glass yarn or polyamide is used to prevent rodents.


Types of Duct Fiber Optical Cable

What is Duct Fiber Optic Cable?

Duct fiber optic cable is specifically designed for installation in conduits or ducts. Duct fiber cable is commonly used in long-distance telecommunications networks and utility applications where the fiber optic cable needs to be protected from external factors. The number of fibers is 2 up to 288 fibers. Duct optical cables have a structure consisting of optical fibers enclosed within loose tubes, strength members, water-blocking materials, an optional armored layer, and an outer sheath. Each layer provides protection and functionality to ensure the reliability and longevity of the optical cable system.

According to the number of fiber cores, the structure of different types of duct fiber optic cable can be divided into a central loose tube and stranded loose tube fiber optic cable. Users can make corresponding requirements according to conditions of projects.

Duct Tube Fiber Optic Cable - GYTA

GYTA duct optic cable is a layer stranded structure. The optical fiber is placed in a loose tube, and the sleeve is filled with a waterproof compound. The center part is a metal reinforced member. For some fiber optic cable structure, a layer of polyethylene (PE) is required to be coasted outside the metal reinforced member. The loose tube (and the filling rope) is twisted around the central reinforcing member into a compact circular fiber optic cable and filled with a water blocking system. The plastic coated aluminum strip (APL) is longitudinally wrapped and extruded into a polyethylene sheath to form a fiber optic cable.

duct fiber optical cableduct fiber optical cable

UnitekFiber is a professional optical cable manufacturer that offers various premium-quality optical cable products, including duct fiber optic cable, ADSS fiber optic cable, branch fiber optic cable, and more. UnitekFiber's optical cable products such as GYTA fiber optic cable feature durability, tensile strength, anti-UV, and other outstanding qualities, making them suitable for high-speed transmission and signal quality assurance applications, such as long-distance communication. Please feel free to contact us at Email sales@unitekfiber.com for competitive price.

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