UnitekFiber Solution.
UnitekFiber Solution.
Oil And Gas Of Fiber Optic

Oil And Gas Of Fiber Optic

Unitekfiber Fiber Optic Solution On Oil And Gas Application

With the increasing difficulty of oil exploration and development, the maturity of informatization has become a key factor affecting the improvement of output in the oil industry, and informatization is the effective use of big data technology to effectively manage a large amount of data. The application of big data in seismic exploration, geological research, production development and safety management is summarized.

Fiber optic solutions support end-to-end systems capable of supporting DCS/PLC automation/control architectures, SCADA systems, IPTV/CCTV/CATV networks and many other applications in any drilling environment.

As the cornerstone of digital oilfield construction, communication network can only meet the business development needs of oil and gas enterprises by building a safe, efficient, green and energy-saving digital oilfield communication network.

UnitekFiber can provide overall solutions covering all levels of digital oilfield communication networks, with advanced technologies and products such as high-speed, large-capacity optical fiber communication equipment, optical fiber access network equipment, network management systems, data network software and hardware products, optical fiber cables, and communication cables.

The following is our product lines to support customers Fiber Optic networks:

  • Fiber Optic Cable

  • Fiber Optic Connectivity

  • Optical Transceiver

  • Fiber Cable Management


  • Fiber Optic Components

  • Ethernet Industrial Switch 

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