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Best Aerial Fiber Cables|Outdoor GYTC8S Fiber Optic Cable 24 Cores G652D Self-supporting Figure 8 Jacket PE

Aerial Self-supporting figure 8 fiber optic cable is a stranded multi loose tube fiber cable. The fiber core is up to 288cores. The center of the GYTC8S self-supporting figure-eight fiber optic cable core is a metal reinforcing core. The loose tube (and filling rope) is twisted around the central reinforcing core to form a compact and circular cable core. The cable core is coated with a layer of plastic-coated steel tape. (PSP) After being longitudinally wrapped, it is integrated with the steel wire strands into a figure 8 polyethylene sheath.


Best Aerial Fiber Cables|Outdoor GYTC8S Fiber Optic Cable 24 Cores G652D Self-supporting Figure 8 Ja


lFull section water blocking structure, double-coated aluminum tape longitudinal package, ensuring good water and moisture resistance

lLoose sleeve filled with special ointment for critical fiber protection

lPhosphating steel wire center strengthening member high modulus, corrosion resistance

l8-shaped self-supporting structure with high tensile strength, easy to lay overhead, low installation cost

lAdopt SZ twisted structure, easy to branch and ensure the optical fiber is not stressed under harsh environment

lPolyethylene sheath makes the cable have good UV resistance

lProduct life more than 30 years


lCore Network, Metropolitan Area Network, and Access Network Outdoor Optical Cable ♦Laying method: overhead

lWorking temperature: -40℃~+60℃

lBend radius: Static 10 times the cable diameter

lDynamic 20 times optical cable diameter

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Air Blown Fiber Optic Cable


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Can you supply OEM products under our brand?

Yes, we are manufacturer, we accept OEM service, we can print your LOGO on fiber cable and fiber cable drums.

How many types of Aerial fiber optic cable you can provide?

The Figure 8 fiber optic cable, GYXTW fiber optic cable, ADSS cable are all strong outdoor fiber cables for Aerial Application.

Can your fiber optic cable be bent without damaging the fiber?

Our fiber cable can be bent with diameters of 2.5cm or less.

What are the main products in your company?

We provides fiber optic cables, ADSS Fiber optic cable, Aerial fiber optic cable of GYTA, GYTC8S, GYFTY, GYTS, underground fiber cable and so on.

Where is the aerial fiber optic cable used?

Mostly used in Local Area Network (LANs), high density data center, FTTH Telecommunication.

If the high temperature will damage the aerial fiber optic cable?

Don't worry, the aerial fiber optic cable can handles the most challenging telecommunications data transmission requests.


Jul 14, 2022

Pulling this through ceilings and in conduit - this is fantastic cable. Flexible doesn't hold shape. Very nice to crimp as well.

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