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How do Fire Ratings Impact Fiber Optic Patch Cord Selection?

How do Fire Ratings Impact Fiber Optic Patch Cord Selection?

Fiber optic patch cord selection is a task that requires careful consideration of several factors, one of which is the fire rating of the fiber jumper jacket. A fiber patch lead's fire rating can significantly affect its suitability for specific environments and applications. Understanding the different fire resistance ratings, adhering to the National Electrical Code, differentiating the fire resistance ratings of various fiber patch cord, and recognizing the impact of these ratings in the event of a fire are all key aspects of making informed cable choices.

Fire Ratings Impact Fiber Optic Patch Cord Selection

Understanding fire resistance ratings (OFNP, OFNR)

Optical Fiber Nonconductive Plenum (OFNP) and Optical Fiber Nonconductive Riser (OFNR) are two fire protection classes used for fiber optic patch cord. OFNP fiber patch cords offer the highest fire resistance and are suitable for use in plenum spaces such as air ducts and ventilation shafts. OFNR fiber jumpers are designed for riser applications, such as vertical shafts, to help prevent fire from spreading between floors.

Meets fire protection requirements of the National Electrical Codes

Fire protection requirements under the National Electrical Code require the use of specific fiber optic patch lead based on their fire resistance rating. Adhering to these codes is critical to ensuring safety and minimizing fire-related risks. These codes specify the types of cables (OFNP, OFNR) used in different parts of a building or facility.

Fire resistance ratings for indoor and outdoor fiber patch cord types

Indoor and outdoor fiber optic patch cord have different fire protection ratings. Due to the closed nature of the indoor environment and the need to prevent the spread of fire, indoor cables usually have higher fire protection ratings (OFNP, OFNR). Outdoor FTTA fiber jumper are also designed with fire resistance in mind, but primarily focus on withstanding environmental factors such as UV radiation and moisture.

The impact of fire protection levels in the event of a fire

In the event of a fire, fiber patch cord with a higher fire rating (OFNP, OFNR) have a longer flame resistance time, emit less smoke, and produce less toxic smoke than cables with a lower fire rating. Therefore, choosing the right cable according to the fire rating can significantly affect safety during a fire.


It should be highlighted that the external sheath of fiber optic cables alone is insufficient for fire prevention and control. To diminish the danger and damages caused by fires, it is critical to cautiously plan cabling scenarios and implement fire prevention measures.

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