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UnitekFiber Solution.
A Ideal High-density Fiber Patch Panel Choose for You

A Ideal High-density Fiber Patch Panel Choose for You

The fiber patch panel makes the termination of fiber optic cable easier to manage. It is mainly used for fiber optic cable access, cross-connection of fiber optic cables, storage of fiber jumper, wiring output, etc. Which can realize optical fiber splice, optical fiber termination, and optical fiber adapter. The integration of connectors and fiber cable connectors.

UnitekFiber produces various types of fiber patch panels. The common fiber patch panel is rack-mount and wall-mounted panels. The 19-inch standard rack fiber patch panel, U or RU as the unit, refers to the height of the equipment designed to be installed in the rack, usually 1RU, 2RU, 4RU size. There are sliding drawer and fixed drawer designs, which not only can be flexibly wired but also protects the optical fiber well. It is an ideal optical wiring management solution for data centers

With the needs of high dnesity optical fibers, how to effectively manage and organize a large number of fiber jumper becomes extremely important. A good fiber patch panel will need to have the function of easy management of fiber jumper changes. Unitekfiber's uniquely designed high-density fiber patch panel is suitable for standard 19" rack installation. It uses environmentally friendly, high-strength lightweight materials and excellent surface treatment technology. Each row is an independent drawer type module box controlled by spring tips. , Easy to plug and unplug. Each row of the module box is designed with an independent and distinct harness management slot, and a separate wire rack design at the rear of the module box is used to fix the backbone optical cable. The fiber patch panel’s space can ensure that the redundant backbone optical cable can be stretched freely when the module box is moved, which is very convenient for cable management. A clear and organized panel label and module box layered label are correspondingly displayed, making the module box management clear at a glance.


The fiber patch panel will take up valuable cabinet space. How to design the patch panel so that it takes up less space without affecting the organization and management of the optical fiber system is of very important significance. This fiber patch panel achieves the highest wiring density for LC connections in the industry. 1U can load 12 module boxes with 144-core LC or 72-core SC fiber optic heads; 2U can load 24 module boxes with 288-core LC or 144-core SC; 4U can load 48 module boxes with 576-core cable Or 288 core SC. The module box connection methods can also be customized according to application requirements, such as MPO-LC, PLC-LC, WDM-LC, etc.


The optical fiber patch panel can effectively terminate, protect and manage the optical cable, and is an important equipment in the optical network transmission process. When you need any support, please contact our sales team at any time sales@unitekfiber.com .We will do our best to support you.

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