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What is Pre-terminated MPO MTP Cables?

What is Pre-terminated MPO MTP Cables?

MPO/MTP Connector

The MPO fiber patch cord adopts MPO (Multi-fiberPushOn) connector. The precise connection of the patch cord is realized through two guide holes and guide pins with a diameter of 0.7mm on the left and right of the end face of the ferrule. At present, the most widely used is the 12-pin MPO connector. 12-core to 24-core MPO fiber optic patch cords, with good performance and low loss, are widely used in FTTX, wide area networks (WANs), local area networks (LANs), telecom networks, 40/100/200G network solutions and other wiring environments which are best solutions to realize high density and high bandwidth network.

The Pre-Terminated MTP/MPO Technology is with polarity classification. The three polarity methods ensure accurate bidirectional configuration - Type A, Type B, Type C. Each end of the MTP/MPO trunk fiber patch cord is equipped with an MTP/MPO connector.

MPO/MTP Patch Cables

Pre-terminated MPO/MTP Trunk Cables and Breakout Fiber Patch Cord

MPO/MTP trunk fiber patch cord are connected with MPO/MTP connectors at the both ends. And MPO/MTP breakout fiber jumpers are one side connected MPO/MTP connector and the other side with LC/SC connector.

MPO/MTP Breakout Fiber Patch Cords

MPO/MTP cables are designed for high-density Gigabit Ethernet and Fiber Channel applications which are with pre-terminated, high-performance features. The pre-terminated MPO/MTP patch cables can realize high-speed, high-density, wide-bandwidth transmission to meet the needs of future network development. UnitekFiber provides a variety of conventional or customized pre-terminated MPO/MTP patch cables, including MPO/MTP trunk cables and MPO/MTP breakout fiber patch cords. Our pre-terminated MPO/MTP fiber patch cables are available in single-mode, multi-mode and 10G OM3/OM4. 10G OM3/OM4 MPO/MTP fiber patch cables are widely used in today's data center application.

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