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The Relevant Function of Optical Cable Handover Box is Introduced in Detail

The Relevant Function of Optical Cable Handover Box is Introduced in Detail

Optical cable handover box is a kind of handover equipment which provides end-to-end and jump-over for main layer and distribution layer optical cables. After the cable is introduced into the cable junction box, the main layer cable and the distribution layer cable are connected by jumping fibers after being fixed, terminated and distributed.

The thing placed inside is the end of the optical cable, and the function of the end of the optical cable is to gather two or more signals of the original unrelated computer room together, and then use tail fiber to connect two unrelated cables according to need. Its signal source is the computer room.

Optical intersection boxes collect all optical signals. Optical signals can not be used directly. Photoelectric conversion equipment is needed to convert optical signals into electrical signals. Therefore, if you want to use the signals in optical intersection boxes directly, it is very expensive.

Similar to the optical cabinet, there are also electrical cabinets. The appearance of the electrical cabinet is not different from that of the optical cabinet. However, the signals collected in the electrical cabinet are electrical signals, which can be directly used without conversion. The signal source of the electrical cabinet is also the computer room.

Fiber optic cable junction box is a kind of outdoor connection equipment. The most fundamental requirement for it is to be able to withstand dramatic changes in climate and harsh working environment. It should have the characteristics of waterproof gas condensation, waterproof and dust-proof, pest and rodent prevention, and strong impact damage resistance. It must be able to withstand the harsher external environment. Therefore, waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, impact-proof, pest and rodent-proof requirements are relatively high on the outside of the box; temperature and humidity control requirements are very high on the inside of the box. According to international standards, the highest standard for these projects is IP66. But there are not many cases that can meet this standard.

At present, the main cabinets used in China are KRONE cabinet in Germany, which is made of unsaturated polyester glass fiber reinforced material (SMC) and has good performance in waterproof, moisture-proof and impact-proof. The imitation of domestic reference KRONE boxes is mainly iron metal boxes (generally up to IP65 standard). For metal box, because of its poor performance in waterproof gas condensation, it is doomed not to be widely used and gradually eliminated. Some domestic imitations are quite different from KRONE imported from Germany in terms of waterproof gas condensation and shock resistance due to material performance problems. In addition, due to the poor anti-aging performance of sealant strip, the performance of waterproof and dust-proof is also common. Of course, it is acceptable to reduce performance requirements and investment when the external environment of the installation location of the cable junction box is better.

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