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800G high-speed optical module: Computing power drives volume and price to rise, and high growth bursts out

800G high-speed optical module: Computing power drives volume and price to rise, and high growth bursts out


The huge demand for computing power brought by AIGC drives the construction and expansion of communication infrastructure.

The fiber optic transceiver is related to the total computing power and traffic scale of the planned data center. As the basic component of data transmission, the optical transceiver plays an important role in this AI construction cycle. At present, the amount of artificial intelligence model training is growing rapidly, which has created the demand for the construction of high-performance AI server clusters.

In AI computing, when the computing power of the GPU is increased by 2.5 to 3.2 times, the total bandwidth requirement for fusion is increased by about 1.5 times. As the optical transceiver is a necessary photoelectric conversion element in network equipment, the increase in bandwidth demand brought by AI high-performance computing will promote the high-speed/high-end process of fiber optic transceiver.

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At present, the internal communication optical connection of the cluster is developing towards high speed and high density, and the update iteration of 800G optical transceiver and 1.6T optical transceiver will also be accelerated. Since the current 1.6T fiber optic transceiver has not yet been mass-produced, the communication bandwidth requirements of next-generation high-performance computing equipment make it impossible for cloud vendors to avoid the purchase demand for 800G optical transceiver, so that 800G fiber optic transceiver is at a high level of purchase for a longer period of time than 400G transceiver module and 100G transceiver module.

The large AI model represented by ChatGPT puts forward new requirements for the data traffic inside and outside the data center, which is expected to accelerate the upgrade of optical modules to a higher rate of 800G transceiver module.

The computing power required for artificial intelligence model training continues to rise:

fiber optic tx rx connection

At present, Chinese fiber optic transceiver companies occupy more than 60% of the global market share. They entered the market earlier and have a significant first-mover advantage. They have high certainty in winning North American orders, and at the same time have high performance visibility and strong implementation.

From the perspective of downstream demand, 22 years is the first year of 800G optical transceiver, and the market shipments are about 10,000 units. 23 years are the starting year. In 24 years, as large-scale model manufacturers accelerate AI construction, the willingness to add orders is strong and the pace is frequent. It is estimated that the demand for 800G optical transceiver will usher in explosive growth.

Fiber optic transceiver technology undergoes technical upgrades every 3 to 4 years:

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